What Does the Sun Moving Into Capricorn December 22 Mean For You?

Posted on December 19, 2017

Moving from gregarious Sagittarius to practical minded Capricorn is kind of like stopping the music in the middle of the dance party. There are positive influences that will allow us to put some structure to the new ideas we’ve come up with while the sun was in Sagittarius.

The grounded Capricorn sun will give you the stamina to push through any potential blocks to those new plans you started on the New Moon December 18th with the crisis theme that occurs on a Quarter Moon that’s coming December 26th. As our psyche moves from a vision quest and back to reality, we can start moving forward on our plans for 2018!

If you felt like things weren’t moving forward, they will now and even more at the new year. If your partner was really deepening their relationship with you and then suddenly seems to be aloof, they are just focusing on business now, so don’t take it personally.

There’s a huge shift that occurs December 21st referred to as Winter Solstice and marks the spiritual rebirth of our consciousness so you may feel very invigorated and inspired. The birth of the sun or illumination of our consciousness, corresponds to the birth of the son celebrated at Christmas.

Moving From Sun in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the sign of the healer allows us to connect to people and find meaning in life. It is the quintessential happy holiday vibe we get as soon as the sun moves out of serious Scorpio on November 21st just before Thanksgiving. That transition allows people to stop focusing on their problems and spend money on Christmas shopping and holiday parties.

The adventurous and new experience-seeking Sagittarius feeling is quite different than the more down to business energy of Capricorn. We are moving from a fire sign with a lot of charisma to an earth sign that is the hardest working sign in the zodiac.

Characteristics of Capricorn

Here’s what you need to know about the sea goat which is the symbol for Capricorn. It’s name is latin for horned goat and the symbol is half fish and half goat. The mythological god of water, this symbolic figure was said to give us the skills of civilization so we could survive and not live in fear.

There’s something comforting about Capricorn energy because they know how to take care of the basics and have the focus to do it. Stability is this sign’s middle name. This sign is the 10th in the zodiac which is the house of careers so we become more career focused when the sun is in Capricorn.

Other Astrological Influencers

Astrology is like a recipe, if you only use one ingredient, it won’t turn out right, so in order to get a feel for the emotional climate, it’s important to know what the other main astrological events are. This allows you to see the whole picture and feel the essence of a specific time. It’s an art that gets easier the more you follow it.

Saturn also moves into Capricorn on December 20th. Saturn is a planet all about structure and discipline, so we may feel even more regimented with both the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn that dwells on practicality and responsibility. Try not to be too serious, allow yourself to really relax even though your mind may want to be productive.

A Saturn-Jupiter semi-square occurs on December 22nd, adding a stick in the wheel of progress. You may be able to see the flaws in your plan and just need to keep pushing forward with hard work or rework the plan.

Prepare yourself, because Venus is also entering Capricorn, so your relationships may start to focus more on finances and practical plans which can be a good time of maturity and growth.

We are in the moon phase of a waxing moon following the New Moon in Sagittarius on December 17th. The New Moon allows us to set our intention and the energy builds as we move towards the full moon on January 1st. The new moon is a chance for new romance so we may get that New Year’s kiss!

Mercury also stations direct on December 22nd allowing things to finally move forward and feel less stagnant. Mercury retrograde began when Mercury stationed on December 3rd. We also have a great article, ‘How To Navigate Mercury Retrograde During The Holidays,’ to help you know what to expect.

The shadow period will be in effect until the very end of December coincidentally with the Full Moon, which might make New Year’s Eve extra lucky!


If you promise yourself not to be overly serious, you can use this tenacious energy to make some headway. Try not to push yourself so hard you forget to eat and sleep! If you want to help other people who aren’t aware of these astrological influences relax and enjoy the holidays, use upbeat music, comedy movies and extra tasty food to keep them in balance (ambiance goes a long way).

Don’t over commit yourself or spread yourself too thin because it’s best to give the most important projects your attention instead of doing a bunch of things sloppily. All in all, this will help you launch your resolutions and plans for 2018. Grab a pen and paper and let that plan come to you!

It’s great to suddenly see how it’s all going to come together and what steps you need to take to make your dream a reality. You may feel somewhat overwhelmed with responsibility so don’t forget to reach out for help or support instead of feeling like you have to do it all! When you allow someone to give, it also is rewarding for them.

For love and relationships, with Venus, Saturn and the Sun moving into Capricorn, we may be drawn to people we truly want to commit to long-term. Be patient as you launch your projects and follow up on the seeds you’ve planted right now because the work will pay off around the full moon and eclipse season coming in January.

There are a lot of cycles ending and beginning all at once so you may feel like you’re coming into a new reality.

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