What Each Sign in The 7th House Means for Your Relationships

Posted on May 28, 2018
Updated on July 29, 2022

Astrology provides much insight into our personalities, careers, and relationships. You may be familiar with your zodiac sign, which refers to astrology and is determined by birth, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The birth chart is divided into 12 houses, and each house contains a zodiac sign. Today we are looking at relationships in your life, which falls in the 7th house. The reason the 7th house is linked to relationships is because this house is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and Libra, a sign ruled by Venus. Libra is about partnerships and getting along with others.

How do you find out which sign is in your 7th house? It’s in your natal or birth chart, which you can complete right now with our free Birth Chart Generator!

You will need to know your exact time of birth. This is because it’s important to know which planets were in which signs at the exact moment you were born - the stars, planets and zodiac signs painted a picture in the sky at the exact time of your birth - which is how we can decipher your individual chart and how you differ from someone who was born in a different city or in a different year.

Once you know which sign is in your 7th house, we can help you decode how to interpret your relationships. You’ll be able to understand the qualities you look for in your relationships, and why you’re attracted to certain people and not to others. You will be surprised at how accurately it decodes your own attractions!

Astrology Today: Zodiac Signs in the 7th House

Aries in the 7th House

You will be attracted to doers, those with leadership abilities and those that speak their minds. Those with fierce independence often become your muse.

Taurus in the 7th House

You will look to see if someone takes care of their home and sticks to things long-term. You will also want someone who doesn’t frequently change their mind and isn’t easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Gemini in the 7th House

You’ll want someone with a playful, childlike wonder for the world. Those who have an itch to travel and discover mysteries of other cultures will likely pique your interest.

Cancer in the 7th House

You will want a cuddle bug and someone who values close bonds with people. You’ll seek someone who is nurturing and caring, in touch with their feelings.

Leo in the 7th House

You’ll be drawn to leaders and charismatic people. Those that seem to be a magnet for attention will interest you and light your fire.

Virgo in the 7th House

You seek someone who is orderly and considerate. You probably do not go after the typical ‘bad boy’ or ‘bad girl’ personalities depicted in films, but rather someone with a more stable personality and predictable, kind demeanor.

Libra in the 7th House

You seek someone who is eternally optimistic and outgoing. You probably don’t like people who are reclusive and don’t make friends easily. You admire those who live for a cause and are habitually loving.

Scorpio in the 7th House

You find depth and mystery intriguing. You look for those who are wounded; not to heal them, but to understand the root of their pain. You get along with those who embrace their sexual side. You appreciate vulnerability and deep conversation.

Sagittarius in the 7th House

You crave someone who sees the big picture and wants to help the planet, explore the edges of the continents, or bring new ideas to the world. You seek those who are optimistic and not morose about life.

Capricorn in the 7th House

You are turned off by those without a plan. You find security in those who stick to their budget, are entrepreneurial, and not overly emotional when making decisions. You are attracted to practicality and leadership qualities.

Aquarius in the 7th House

You love someone who will sacrifice a normal life for something greater than themselves. You’re intrigued by someone who makes friends everywhere they go. You’re probably interested in writers, artists, or other similar visionary-type people, and not people who live for the moment.

Pisces in the 7th House

You’re attracted to artsy types who always follow their hearts and aren’t afraid of delving deep into their emotions. Those who love to look at life through a unique colourful lens will probably steal your heart.


Just viewing astrological compatibility based on Sun sign is really limiting and often times not accurate. It also explains why you can be completely turned off by one Gemini but then wildly attracted to another.

Relationships don’t stop with your romantic partnerships either. Astrology helps explain the qualities you admire in people as well as the qualities you dislike. You can see how you’re usually drawn to be friends with the same qualities you admire based on your 7th house.

The 7th house is the house of marriage, but we are all quite aware that work is often a second marriage. We often choose platonic, non-romantic partnerships with just as much scrutiny, considering we can very easily spend more time with a “work wife” than the person we are actually married to, right?

If you can’t communicate and relate to someone you spend 40 hours a week or more with, chances are you’re not going to be a happy camper.

Understanding astrology can help you in the long run when choosing partners and jobs. In order to look past the allure of a big paycheck or a very physically attractive person, you can look to the 7th house to see if there is long-term satisfaction on the table.

Doing this is getting real with who you are and who you’re going to jive with. We aren’t all wired to speak the same language, even if we are from the same place! Goals and life views we want to see in others are revealed through the helpful tool of the 7th house and how we interpret astrology today.

For more about the 7th house, check out this article, Do You Know Your Astro Houses? 7th House of Partnerships.

Understanding your 7th house in relation to someone else’s can be very helpful in unlocking the often elusive reasons why some relationships fail and others seem to fit so seamlessly. You might be surprised at the type of person you’re astrologically compatible with!

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