What to Expect in Cancer Season: Nurture Your Inner World

Posted on June 17, 2020

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We’re approaching the sensitive, intuitive, creative Cancer season. That’s right, grab the tissues. While we may feel slightly moodier during Cancer season, there is cause for celebration, as Cancer puts us more deeply in touch with our emotions than ever, allowing us to acknowledge feelings that may have been on the back burner lately.

Cancer season starts on June 20th this year, lasting until July 22nd. But before we dive into what to expect and how it will affect you based on your sign, let’s take a look at the traits that make this sign so special.

Cancer Traits

Cancer is a Water sign, which is more connected to the fluid, emotional nature of our spirit. Water signs are intuitive and creative, traits that are deeply connected to the Cancer personality. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer is deeply connected to feelings and ruled by instincts. As a Cardinal sign, Cancers are the leaders of the Water signs!

Positive Cancer Traits

  • Intuitive
  • Loyal
  • Nostalgic
  • Charming
  • Creative
  • Protective
  • Honest
  • Nurturing
  • Loving
  • Sympathetic

Negative Cancer Traits

  • Indecisive
  • Moody
  • Complicated
  • Possessive
  • Secretive
  • Vengeful

Now that we know a little bit more about Cancer, and what this zodiac sign is all about, let’s take a look at how this Cancer season will affect you, based on your own zodiac sign.

What to Expect This Cancer Season Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer season encourages you to dedicate more time to your family and friends, Aries, allowing you to work on past issues and reach positive compromises. This is a time when you may feel more vulnerable than usual; try to let that vulnerability flow through you, allowing you to become closer to your loved ones through the sharing of emotions.

This is an excellent time to work with rose quartz, a crystal that promotes unconditional love and confidence. Rose quartz will help you amplify your compassion for both yourself and for others. Try adding a piece of rose quartz to a glass of drinking water for 30 minutes for a healing crystal elixir.


This Cancer season, you’re reminded to take better care of yourself both mentally and physically. Make more time for the routines and rituals that bring you joy and peace, Taurus. While you may feel like you have too much work to do to carve out time for relaxing bubble baths, yoga, and meditation, these things are crucial for mental and emotional health.

Use this Cancer season to sharpen your chakra balancing exercises, experimenting with new crystals, essential oils, and types of sage. Let the nurturing energy of Cancer encourage you to pamper yourself and cleanse your energy regularly.


You may feel driven towards extravagant purchases during this time, Gemini. Try to think through any large purchases, evaluating their value in your life. Be careful with spending, as heightened nostalgia may urge you towards purchases you don’t need. This is an excellent time for manifestation work, attracting abundance into your life.

Create a manifestation ritual, starting with a cleansing sage smudge. Sit comfortably with your favorite notebook and write down the things you want to manifest most in your life, from relationships to abundance. Be as specific as possible. Now, look at this list three times a day at the very least. When one of these things appears in your life, cross it off the list and practice gratitude.


It’s your season, Cancer! It’s time to celebrate your sensitivity, intuition, and creativity. It’s important for you to take time for yourself and make sure that you’re making yourself a priority in life. If you aren’t careful, people may step over your boundaries and take advantage of your kindness.

Build your protective shield this season with this easy visual meditation. Sit comfortably and light incense to clear the energy around you. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and imagine a protective orb of golden light surrounding your body. Imagine this orb shielding you from external negativity and toxic energy each and every day.

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This is a time to let go of patterns that no longer serve you, Leo. Cancer is urging you to evaluate your routine and habits and release the behaviors that might be toxic or at least unhelpful. Finding forgiveness for yourself is crucial during this time. Try to be gentle with yourself during this season, as it’s easy to become emotionally overwhelmed.

Meditation and positive affirmations are the best ways to lift your spirits when you’re down, infusing your body with positive vibrations. Repeat positive affirmations throughout the day, and begin each day with a cleansing, relaxing meditation to help you set your intentions for empathy and forgiveness.


It’s time for you to open up and let others in on your feelings, Virgo. You may not feel like telling someone when you’re disappointed in them, but being clear about your emotions and perceptions is crucial for allowing any relationship to blossom. Try to remember empathy and compassion while you share your feelings with others.

Focusing your attention on the Throat chakra during this time will help you maintain open and honest communication. Work with stones like blue kyanite and aquamarine to clear and balance this chakra, helping you feel more comfortable when talking about your feelings. Blueberries and herbal teas also connect to the Throat chakra, so incorporate these into your diet.


Cancer season might encourage you to focus more deeply on your career and long-term goals, Libra. You may feel like starting new projects or diving into existing ones, as you’re itching to get things moving. Just make sure to work on trusting the timing of the Universe, as this may not be the best time to start new things.

Meditation is an excellent way to connect more deeply to the energies of the Universe. Burn sage to clear the energy of the room, seat yourself comfortably, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Imagine a golden light beaming down on you from the heavens, surrounding you with love and illumination. And trust that the Universe will bring all things in good time.


You may feel urged to reevaluate your commitments during Cancer season, Scorpio. This influence encourages you to take a look at your plans and decide what projects still fill your heart with joy. It’s okay to shift focus as you grow in life, and it’s healthy to say “no” to things that don’t excite or inspire you.

Focusing your attention on the Solar Plexus chakra will help you gain more confidence and willpower to refuse any activity that doesn’t bring you joy. Citrine and golden calcite are the perfect stones to work with when healing the Solar Plexus chakra, as they connect directly to this chakra. You can also eat yellow foods, like lemons, bananas, and yellow peppers, to send even more healing energy to the Solar Plexus.


It’s time to focus on your gifts and talents, Sagittarius, of which you possess many. Amplifying your confidence will make it easier for you to pay attention to your creative prowess. This planetary influence is asking you to let go of behaviors and relationships that no longer serve you. Prepare yourself and be willing to let go of negative or toxic situations and habits.

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to build strength, promote relaxation, and increase your connection to the Earth beneath your feet. Try dedicating a half hour each day to sinking into deep stretches with your favorite music playing and a stick of incense burning. Make a little yoga ritual for yourself that grounds and inspires you.


Cancer encourages you to connect more deeply to those you love this season, Capricorn. With increased sensitivity and compassion, it’s easier than ever for you to relate to friends and family, so try opening up to them. This is not a good time to bottle your feelings and keep them held inside, which can lead to emotional outbursts.

Try taking up journaling and creating a daily ritual for yourself. Open your notebook or journal each morning and give yourself 30 minutes of uninterrupted writing time – with your favorite candle lit, of course. Writing allows for a safe and healthy emotional release, which is the best way to start the day.


This Cancer season is encouraging you to purge any emotions or negative thoughts that may be taking up space within your psyche, Aquarius. While you don’t always love facing emotions and feelings head on, it’s time to put those worries aside and dive into your internal world. Don’t be afraid of what you find; acknowledging these feelings will help you release them.

Focus on chakra balancing work this month, practicing a new chakra exercise each day. When the chakras are flowing freely, you’ll be better able to deal with any unpleasant emotions that spring to life. Blue kyanite and bronzite are two stones that connect to and heal each of the body’s seven major chakras, making them the perfect crystals to work with this month.


You may experience more emotional sensitivity and moodiness under this influence, Pisces. It’s important to be gentle with yourself and accept your emotions for what they are. You don’t have to be strong every moment of the day. Be your own best friend during this time. And if you need to break out the tissues and the ice cream and have a movie marathon in your pajamas, that’s perfectly fine too.

Don’t neglect self-care routines this Cancer season, as taking care of your mental and emotional health is crucial. Yoga, meditation, chakra work, writing, and creative self-expression are all wonderful activities for promoting self-acceptance and self-love. Rhodonite and rose quartz are two perfect stones to work with when amplifying confidence and compassion.

Embracing the Emotions of the Cancer Season

While we may be feeling more tender during the Cancer season, vulnerability and sensitivity are important aspects of life. This is a great time to give yourself a break and allow yourself to feel things more deeply than ever before. Your personalized rituals and self-care routines will help you stay positive and confident during this astrological period.

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