What to Expect from a Void of Course Moon

Posted on May 18, 2019
Updated on May 25, 2020

A man raises his arms in the sky so that it looks like he is holding the Moon on his shoulders.

​Getting to know the lunar cycles is one of the most fascinating, easiest ways to understand so much more about yourself and life. The Moon has been our protector, our guide, for as long as humans have inhabited the planet.

Some lunar transits and angles are easier to understand than others, as the information regarding these transits are more readily available. One aspect of the lunar cycle that is frequently overlooked, and therefore not as well-understood, is the Void of Course Moon.

What is a Void of Course Moon?

Have you ever been powering along through the day, full of zest and raring to go, when suddenly you feel like you’ve been hit by a typhoon of exhaustion and confusion? It’s like your energy has been zapped by some unknowable force, and you’re left in a state of haze and fog.

The Moon follows her cycle through each sign of the zodiac, and her full cycle lasts about 28 days. Each sign represents a different aspect of life, and how the Moon influences your life is based on the sign the Moon is in.

When the Moon is “Void of Course,” it essentially means that the Moon is hanging out in between signs for some time, usually a few hours.

This has an interesting effect on everything under the Moon. We feel the energies of one sign fading as the Moon makes its journey in the heavens, but we have yet to embrace the influence of the zodiac sign to come. This results in a sort of limbo that leaves us feeling slightly empty, unsure of what the next move to take is.

Void of Course Moons are typically a poor time for making decisions, as the energies flowing toward us are inherently torn between two sources. You may feel pulled in various directions, urged to act – but action during this time often results in frustration later, as the energies of the Moon’s new transit begin to make themselves clear.

The Moon relates to our hidden layers – the subconscious and mysterious – on a global level. We all feel the effects of the Moon, which is often why you hear of strange happenings on the night of the Full Moon, when existing emotions are amplified by lunar fullness saturation.

When the Moon goes Void of Course, there is a tendency for people everywhere to effectively tune out, as this energy is naturally dizzying and disjointed.

Void of Course in Each Zodiac Sign

Because the Moon is moving between two signs, each Void of Course will feel different and encourage different points of reflection. It is useful to take note of how each Void of Course Moon influences our lives. For reference, a Void of Course Moon is referenced by the sign it is entering.


An urge to take action or begin a new project. Wait until the Moon moves into Aries fully before doing anything.


A need to indulge, to comfort ourselves through the five senses. Do not go overboard on treats during this Void of Course Moon, employ self-restraint and discipline.


Mentally stimulated and alert, this influence urges communication. It may behoove you to wait until the Moon fully enters Gemini before engaging in confrontation.


A sudden urge to seek friendship and familial settings. If you are able to socialize during this time, go for it!


A focus on self-confidence and appreciation. Try not to be too sensitive if you feel your efforts are going unnoticed right now, as this Void of Course may cause an emotional surge.


A tendency for paying attention to detail that borders on perfectionism. Try to find peace in the little things and congratulate yourself on your hard work.


Seeking balance and beauty in all things. Do not fret, however, if this represents a moment of imbalance or the gritty nature of life: we can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour.


New experiences and adventures are paramount and feel necessary right now. Just don’t plan any big trips or vacations until the Moon fully enters Scorpio.


A need for independence and a desire to work toward goals. Remember that goal-setting and action will bring better outcomes once the Moon has left this Void of Course transit.


Pragmatic, practical solutions are the primary focus. Do not feel discouraged if these solutions take time to manifest.


A sense of discernment in values, trying to figure out what’s more important to you. While you may feel like filtering things out of your life right now, it may now be the best time to do so.


Dreamy emotions and rejuvenation. This is a good time to create and express yourself if you have the time and energy to do so.

Last Words

A Void of Course Moon, like any other astrological transit or aspect, is not inherently a bad thing. The important things to remember are the feelings and urges associated with these Moons and prepare yourself.

When you don’t feel caught off guard by a potentially challenging transit, you are much more capable of and willing to tackle it with courage and zeal.

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