What to Expect in Taurus Season: The Season of Sensuality

Posted on April 14, 2020

On April 20, the Sun moves into the sensual zodiac sign of Taurus where it will be until May 20. We have compiled this comprehensive guide for Taurus season to help you understand what energy to expect and how to thrive during this time.

For those of you that have a Taurus Sun, a Taurus Moon, or a Taurus rising you’re probably familiar with the traits of a Taurus because they are a core part of your personality and this time will amplify those natural traits for you. But when the Sun transits Taurus, we all start to see life through the lens of the Taurus bull.

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This guide will not just help you understand how to navigate this time. It will also help you understand Taurus in birth chart readings which will help you see the many facets of yourself and others. Understanding the essence of Taurus can help you better understand your Taurus friends, coworkers, and family.

As you start to track the movements of the Sun each month, you’ll see how the subtle theme of each zodiac sign is apparent in everyone’s consciousness, played out in their actions and your own thoughts. Let’s dive in.

Getting to Know Taurus

Taurus is symbolized by the bull. A Taurus has the ability to be determined, push through obstacles, and stay focused on what they set out to achieve. Just as a bull will block out everything except the red flag and charge, a Taurus can be stubborn when it comes to sticking to what they think.

During Taurus season, we all may want more independence and to be able to operate on our own terms and follow our desires. We also can use this headstrong energy to focus on what we want and push forward in the area of romance.

Taurus & Venus

Did we mention Taurus energy is also characterized as ‘a die-hard romantic’? It is ruled by the planet Venus and craves a committed partnership where they can be devoted and immersed in all things love. That means we are likely to see new commitments happen during Taurus season and be more focused on our love life.

Taurus is one of three Earth signs. It has a groundedness that makes them more focused on the here and now. It helps us stop spending time planning for the future or working obsessively to prepare for it. It helps us stop and smell the roses so we can enjoy the pleasures of the senses.

As well, being a Fixed sign means most Taureans are capable of being incredibly stubborn and persistent.

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What To Expect This Taurus Season

The key themes during this time will be focused on a partnership that feels like it has staying power in your life. We may finally feel ourselves more interested in dating.

You may find yourself refreshing your wardrobe and thanks to the warmer weather we can stop dressing in big bulky layers and perhaps pull out something a little more fun and sexy! People are likely to change their hair or even make their homes more appealing for entertaining special guests.

Speaking of entertaining, you’re more able to think of ways to connect with your crush in special ways. You may get a flood of ideas about how to make a romantic evening or do something special for them that will entice their senses. Taurus energy is all about indulging in your senses so people will be responsive to flowers, sweets, and delicious home-cooked meals by candlelight.

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How To Spend Your Taurus Season

Things that are easier to do during this time include:

  • Entertaining
  • Getting to know someone
  • Dating
  • Making romantic gestures
  • Getting a makeover
  • Writing love letters
  • Attracting attention
  • Expressing your deeper feelings
  • Start up a relationship
  • Work on creating intimacy
  • Get clear with what you really want in a partnership

On the New Moon April 22, you can write down a note to the Universe about what you want in your love life and watch as you manifest it at the Full Moon May 7 in sultry Scorpio. Make that wish and take action to make it happen and this Taurus season might bring you more romance than you even expect!

As we said, it’s a very sensual time so focus on things that stimulate your senses to get in touch with this part of yourself whether that means using perfume or a lavender spritz on your linens.

Things that are harder to do during this time include physical exertion, mental exertion, and spiritual or intuitive development.

You may just find it not as easy to progress in the area of business as you’re more motivated to work a little less and have a little more fun. Allow yourself to take a break from extremely hard work and pushing so much on expanding so you can establish some balance and get in touch with what you want.

Closing Thoughts…

As always, it’s crucial to know what the other planets are doing as well to get the overall feel for the time you’re in and to know key events. We have a New Moon in Taurus April 22 which is going to amplify and kick off this theme of sensuality and commitment bringing it to a head on the Full Moon in steamy Scorpio May 7.

We will have a lot of Taurus energy because Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking also enters Taurus on April 27 where it will be until May 11.

We will also have Pluto retrograde in Capricorn beginning on April 25 allowing for self-improvement and transformation of financial matters. Near the end of this Sun transit in Taurus on May 13th, we have Venus moving retrograde in Gemini which will test the bonds we’ve created and love that has blossomed during the beginning of Taurus season.

Throughout Taurus season, check in with your free daily horoscope and keep up to speed on the daily events with our free desktop and mobile astrology calendar download.

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