What to Expect this Gemini Season: Communication & Connection

Posted on May 10, 2020

Two light figures representing the gemini twins in the distance.

Gemini season is once again approaching, prompting us to celebrate and explore the intellectual social energy that we may be feeling over the course of the next month.

While many of us are aware of our own Sun sign and the associated personality traits, what you may not realize is that there are certain energies and effects that can be felt during each astrological season. The Sun moves through each zodiac sign, or constellation, about once a month; and during this time, the energy of the planet takes on certain characteristics.

Gemini season brings its own unique energy to the forefront from May 20th to June 20th this year, giving us one month of the witty, thoughtful, dual-energy of this sign. Let’s explore Gemini traits, Gemini season, and what you can expect from this transit.

What to Expect When the Sun is in Gemini

Gemini is ruled by the element Air, an element of intellect, deep thought, communication, and quick wit. Further, Gemini’s ruling planet is Mercury, the planet of communication. As you can imagine, Gemini is a sign that thinks on their toes, enjoys conversation with other people, and likes to spend time diving into the minds of others.

Gemini is also symbolized by the twins, showing us that there are two sides to this personality. Many people mistake this symbolism as an indication of someone that is two-faced; the more accurate depiction, however, is an individual who is fluid and changeable, experiencing many thoughts and emotions—some of which clash.

So, what does this all mean for Gemini season?

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Intellectual Clarity

When the Sun orbits in this constellation, we feel a boost of intellectual energy that helps us feel more motivated than the sensual, laidback vibes of Taurus season. For the month of the Taurus season, we may have felt more languid, more relaxed, and perhaps even lazy. Yet, when the Sun moves into quick-thinking Gemini, we’re more motivated to move and act. While Taurus may have encouraged a connection with the nature surrounding us, Gemini season urges us to connect with our internal world, our thoughts, and our social connections.

This is a great time to research, exploring subjects about which you feel curious. Mercury’s energy increases our need to expand our mind and let our thoughts flow. Writing projects are especially favored during Gemini season, as Gemini is known for churning out intellectual thoughts and words.

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Friendly Vibrations

Gemini is also the first Air sign of the year, and this season may clear up any mental confusion or cloudiness that you’ve been feeling. It’s as though the clouds have parted, making way for exhilarating, refreshing sunshine. Air is an element known for its friendly, social nature; and when the Sun moves into the first Air sign of the year, we may feel more driven to connect with our friends, family, and loved ones.

Air encourages conversation and communication, giving us a boost of friendly energy. Even with social distancing in place, this is the time to find creative ways to reach out to your loved ones.

This urge for communication can be explored through many mediums—even communication with yourself. This would be an excellent time to start a new journal, as your thoughts are just itching to break free and express themselves. It’s also a delicious moment for meeting new people, even virtually. Try exploring websites and forums that highlight your interests, as this is a great place to meet people who appreciate the same hobbies and crafts that tickle your fancy.

Gemini is one of the biggest social butterflies of the zodiac. Make virtual dates with your loved ones to fulfill this need for connection. Video calls, emails, and chatting applications will help you find the social togetherness that you’ll crave this season.

Potential for Moodiness

Gemini’s dual nature, coupled with the fact that it is a Mutable sign, encourage moods that change swiftly. When the Sun transits through Gemini, many of us will feel a bit more restless or anxious. After all, all that intellectual energy can lead to overthinking, which can lead to moodiness or nervous energy.

Balancing exercises like meditation and yoga are crucial for maintaining mental clarity and equilibrium during Gemini season.

The Beauty of the Dual Nature

This duality comes with many benefits. You will feel more versatile during Gemini season; and with properly balances energy, you’ll be able to go with the flow of the Universe. Like a shapeshifter, you can easily move from one project or idea to the next this season.

This is the time to practice gratitude to the many parts of your personality. We are all complex individuals, and this season brings out the dynamic energy that lives within you.

Embrace the Season of the Twins!

Take some time to sink into the witty, friendly vibrations of Gemini season. Take notes of the thoughts and ideas that you experience this month, as you may receive flashes of insight flowing from your internal center of wisdom.

Embrace your eccentric style, trying on many hats, and letting your unique personality shine this Gemini season.

When you learn to sink into the energy of each astrological season, you’ll begin to understand how to flow with the winds of change and take advantage of the gifts that each zodiac season brings.

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