What To Expect When Uranus Ends Its Retrograde

Posted on January 05, 2019
Updated on October 16, 2020

You may have heard of the famous Mercury retrogrades, but the other planets also have a retrograde and Uranus retrograde is about to end on January 6th. Uranus is an outer planet (as are Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto) with a much longer retrograde than the inner planets (the Sun, the Moon, Venus, and Mars). The inner planets are closer to the Earth, so they revolve around us more quickly, which is why a Mercury retrograde only lasts a few weeks while Uranus’ retrograde can last for months.

During Uranus retrograde, it may have seemed like things were stalled and any progress we made felt like running in the sand That is because Uranus retrograde is a time to reorganize our inner life and learn what we need to within ourselves so that we can be prepared for the things we really want to come to us in our outer life. Expect the changes you tried to implement around July/August to manifest around this month.

The good news is, when Uranus moves direct, we can expect things to finally start happening. You’re now ready for the changes to manifest because you had to order some ideas and get real with some aspects of yourself so you would be able to handle success in new areas without losing your head. It’s like teaching a kid how to budget before he wins the lottery. This retrograde started on August 7th and if you’ve had problems with finances, self-confidence or your love life, this could certainly be a key influencer (I just raised my hand three times).

Uranus went retrograde in the sign of Taurus, which is why it could affect love and 155 days later it’s moving direct in the sign of Aries. If you’ve made sudden changes or your patience has been tested immensely, that is usually a part of Uranus retrograde. It’s time to look forward though…

What Is Uranus Known For?

They say with Uranus, you never know what you’re going to get, which is why you may have seen changes in your environment during the retrograde. All of the disruptions and sudden changes it brings is to transport us to our more authentic self even though the change it brings is a humdinger.

Uranus is about freedom, expansion, and rebellion. If you’ve been noticing your thoughts have really been taking new form in the last few months or that you’ve been slightly confused by the ways you are perceiving the thoughts that come to you because they are pushing you to become something else, this is what we expect with Uranus retrograde.

When Uranus moves direct, you are ready to take action and the physical manifestations are more likely to take place. This planet rules liberation, being independent, as well as awakenings. Uranus doesn’t put up with old thought systems that are dated and bad for society. It’s radical and progressive and shakes things up. Hence, expect people to suddenly want to change their tune in certain ways because they get a surge of ‘I can do it’ energy. Pay attention to how the personal lives and the political stage shifts on this day.

A Solar Eclipse Happens On the Same Day

As always, I recommend looking at all the major cosmic events happening at once so you know what type of energy overall you can expect. I expect a day where you feel like someone just jolted you with electricity to restart your heart. Expect announcements, revolts and sudden inspiration on how to connect the dots. Aries is a sign that likes to move fast and ask questions later, as it’s a Fire sign. We have a solar eclipse New Moon in the sign of Capricorn, which could bring heightened awareness to the area of business and plans for the future. If you feel like digging your feet into a long-term project you may make the first move today.

From this day you have two and a half weeks of building energy until the Full Moon on January 21st with a lunar eclipse. If you’ve read any of our articles about eclipse season (which basically means a series of eclipses), we know it always brings about changes in the major area of our lives.

Concluding Thoughts…

In a time like this, stay focused on your goals. There can be some major jolts to consciousness when there are eclipses and planets stationing direct so point the energy of the sun that you get from the solar eclipse and the energy of rebellion in the direction of human progress and positive growth for the planet. Otherwise, you may just feel your emotions bursting out with no channel for the energy but anger.

Also, when other people are experiencing a feeling of ‘who’s rocking the boat’ and acting a bit odd, just tell them what’s going on and notice how everyone is going through similar themed ‘aha’ moments. This stationing direct can be especially significant for the Cardinal signs, which are known as the catalysts of change in society and in people’s lives (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn keep an eye out for some boat rocking vibes).

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