What to Expect With the Sun in Capricorn

Posted on December 21, 2018

The Sun moves through Capricorn from December 22 to January 21. This Earth sign allows us to get grounded, take care of practical things and gives us the work ethic of a horse. When the Sun moves through a zodiac sign (it goes through all 12 each year), we can expect our consciousness to shift slightly - doing things that come easily for a Capricorn during that month will also be easier for the rest of us.

If you aren’t familiar with the traits of a Capricorn, we can help you understand both their strong points and negative points so that you can win during this industrious time. Every sign has its skills and its blind spots, and when we know what we are working with, it’s not a handicap, but an advantage. We don’t have to limit ourselves to only doing the things a Capricorn is good at, but it might benefit us to make use of the energy while we have it.

Basically, this will help us not overwork and help us keep a balance between productivity and relaxation that can be a bit of a challenge for a Capricorn. Additionally, it can help us get to know how to use the theme of the month by using our energy efficiently and understanding why our focus shifts. You can also use the energy to engage with people in a different way. Here are some specific ideas on how to use the Sun in Capricorn’s energy to your benefit!

Themes for the Sun In Capricorn: Good & Bad

Capricorn energy is known to be career-oriented, which means it’s a good time to look at your own career and plan for the future. You’ll usually have more clarity about how to make progress as well as the energy to work hard. Capricorn energy has organization, follow-through, and leadership abilities. If you want to start a company, this energy can help you put your plan in motion. If you want to create a budget, because Capricorn energy is financially minded, you can probably get your finances in order this month.

Capricorns are loyal and protective and keep long-term friendships. They also are able to perceive quickly if someone is trustworthy or not. Use the Capricorn energy to stand back and observe people’s intentions instead of what they look like. This month you can see the people you deserve your time and energy easier because you’re not as easily impressed by charisma or flashy personalities.

We just experienced outgoing Sun in Sagittarius energy where we were extra friendly and willing to let people in (as fire is expansive and brave). But now that the Sun is in an Earth sign, we can slow down our relationship building to a slower, more comfortable pace. This energy helps you sift through the people you met last month and see which acquaintances are going to turn into real valuable friendships.

Try not to hold grudges as the negative expression of Capricorn is that they never forget when someone crosses them. But alas if we never forgive people, we will end up without friends and if people didn’t forgive us, we would end up alone.

Capricorn energy can make us over-reliant on logic and less connected to our imagination, intuition, and our spiritual awareness. That means it’s a good month to make a little extra effort to meditate, read spiritual books, and keep your creativity flowing through art, music, poetry, or journaling. When we start to see the world only in a linear fashion, we stop seeing the interconnectedness that also helps us see how to create. Both are necessary and important, of course.

It’s important that we don’t let the potentially materialistic Capricorn energy make us work too hard or get too caught up with how much we are making or how successful we are. If we tie our self worth in our mind to our income, we are giving away our power because when we tie our self worth to our soul, our spirit and the love we give, we can never lose our self-worth. Take breaks from work to take care of yourself and relax while being productive so you don’t experience mental or physical burnout.

What the Other Planets Are Up To

It’s important to know the major players in the sky at any given time so you can have the whole picture and truly know what the energy will be like. If we only focus on one transit (such as where the Sun is), we can be blindsided by other strong energies. Look to the inner planets and be aware of retrogrades or any other major cosmic events. I like to first look at the Moon and see when the New and Full Moons are. We have a Full Moon December 22 in the sign of Sagittarius, which happens just after the Winter Solstice. This will give us a boost of energy from a spiritual perspective and can help us let go of habits or goals that don’t serve our higher purpose.

In January, we have a New Moon solar eclipse on the 6th in Capricorn, and a Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse January 21st, right at the tail end of the Sun’s stay in Capricorn. Two eclipses in a row are bound to bring change.

Uranus moves direct on January 6th, which means you will see the changes you’ve been trying to manifest in your external world move forward now that you’ve been doing the internal work while Uranus was retrograde to prepare for those changes.

You can keep up with the cosmic cocktail of the day by following your daily horoscope, or check out our yearly astrological calendar!

Concluding Thoughts…

When getting to know astrology, just keeping up with what is going on and how the reality around you and in your mind reflects what you are reading on our site and other astrology sites will help. If you notice a shift in energy, look up what’s going on through our helpful articles that track major events.

Overall, while the Sun is in Capricorn, avoid overworking yourself, but do use the time to focus on making advances in your work life. If you want to change careers, ask for a raise, start a business or plan a big project, your mind will be in the right place to do so. Expect things to move forward because your mind is ready. The post-shadow phase of Mercury retrograde ends December 24th, just in time for Christmas.

We wish you all the success and happiness in the year to come. We truly love being here to help you navigate each day, week, month, and year to become happier and more successful. If you haven’t looked at your birth chart, we encourage you to start to study it. You’ll find secrets about your own mind, heart, and soul that will lead you to your own unique path of success like a treasure hunt!

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