What Your Rising Sign Means for Your Communication Style (It’s More Important than You Think!)

Posted on February 07, 2019
Updated on September 28, 2020

We’ve all felt misunderstood at some point in our lives, be it by a partner, with friends, or at work. Sometimes it’s a onetime occurrence, but every once in a while, we start to notice a pattern of miscommunications. We know who we are - but does everybody around see us as we see ourselves?

Whether you’re a novice to the stars or a seasoned astrologer, it’s always important to know the value of your Rising, or Ascendant, sign. This part of your chart indicates what zodiac sign was ascending on the eastern horizon at the exact moment of your birth.

Even though your Sun sign is dictated by the seasonal placement of the zodiac at your birth, a different star alignment would have been controlling the sky at that same time of day - much like your Rising sign controls many different aspects of your personality than the broader scope of your Sun sign. Now, let’s take a look at how this all works.

What is a Rising Sign & What Can it Tell Us?

Your Rising sign is the first placement of your natal chart - so it has a HUGE impact on your life and sense of self.

While your Sun sign is considered the dominant foundation of your personality, your Rising sign is the lens that persona shines through. If you’ve ever been told “Huh, I’d never peg you as a——“ when telling people your sign, it’s probably because you have a Rising sign that’s especially strong-willed, or even contradictory to your Sun sign.

The interplay between these primary three signs (Sun, Moon, and Rising), known as the primal triad of your natal chart, gives more insight to your personalities, motivations, emotions and perceptions than relying on just your Sun sign alone.

The Rising sign will most definitely influence your immediate, unfiltered reactions to new people, unexpected events, or anything else that surprises us. It’s then no shock to learn that your Ascendant will have a deep impact on the way we communicate and the way people perceive us - especially in situations that are tense or unpleasant.

When we do not have the space to retreat behind the confident armour of our Sun sign, or the time to process complicated thoughts through our emotional Moon, the reaction that often presents itself at these times of friction is our Ascendant – just as this sign was rising in the sky at the moment of your birth, so too will this aspect of your personality ‘rise to the occasion’ in a difficult situation.

How Does Your Rising Sign Affect Communication with Others?

Depending on the characteristics of each sign, there can be a lot of complex interaction between your Sun and Rising signs that may not always lead to people understanding or truly hearing you when you are attempting to communicate with them. You may feel you are being clear and genuine in your dealings with those around you, but that filter of your Rising sign could be colouring the way you have been perceived.

For example, a Leo Sun with a Gemini Rising may come off as noncommittal or insincere when listening to the plight of two friends fighting - the loyal instincts of a Leo would feel compelled to support both parties, but the curious nature of Gemini wants to hear each side out equally… and would not hesitate to judge if there were wrongdoing on either individual’s behalf.

Likewise, socially-driven Aquarius could often be accused of ‘playing Devil’s advocate’ by classmates if their Rising sign is a combative Aries, ESPECIALLY when those around them don’t understand that the Water Bearer of the zodiac is simply trying to explore all sides of an idea rather than just ‘stirring the pot’ for the sake of creating conflict. If a detail-oriented Virgo has a Capricorn Rising, they can risk being accused by their co-workers of acting like a bossy control freak who micromanages everything - when really, all they’re trying to do is help everybody succeed & be more efficient by making things run smoothly.


If there seems to be a consistent pattern of miscommunication in your life, where the people surrounding you always seem to be misinterpreting your intentions and expression, perhaps delve a little deeper into the world of your Rising sign; this filter through which the world sees you can have a dramatic effect on the way you are perceived, and you may not even realize the untapped potential of creating a more authentic, honest self by exploring it.

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