What’s Ahead? Using Tarot Readings to See What 2019 Holds

Posted on December 24, 2018

We all want to put 2018 behind us, whether it was good or bad. Even though it can be difficult sometimes, try not to say the word “bad” or any other negative adjective when you are putting a year behind you. We all need to put cycles behind us, regardless of what that cycle brought into our lives. When we use those experiences to grow, we find out how empowering they can be. That’s never easy in the moment. But if you look back on your life and the New Year’s Eves of yore, you will see how even the most negative years were opportunities and blessings in disguise.

As we wrap up one year and look ahead to the next, of course we want answers. And for that, we have the Tarot.

Today we are going to look at 3 different Tarot readings to take you into 2019 and give you answers astrology just doesn’t have. Let’s get to it!

Why Use Tarot for New Year’s?

We always say we have a huge toolbox of opportunities when it comes to getting answers. Astrology is just one of them.

But we don’t know the specifics. For that, we turn to the Tarot.

The Tarot is rich in symbolism and details. The Tarot can tell you even specific zodiac signs you may have conflict with today, or exactly how long it will take for something to manifest. Astrology points you that way and gives you the theme. Numerology does as well. Tarot gives you the nitty-gritty. In some cases, the Tarot can even tell you the colour of the hair of the person you are interacting with today! We love astrology of course, but we just can’t get that with planetary themes and predictions.

So that’s why Tarot is such an effective tool to look ahead into the next year. Get your deck and your questions ready, or check out our free Daily Tarot readings.

1. The Quarterly Forecast – 3 Card Reading

Almost every segment of business works in quarters, quarterly earnings, quarterly forecasts, quarterly projections. That’s because every calendar year is neatly divided into 3 sections of 4 months long. So for this one, we take the Past/Present/Future Tarot reading and simply change the themes of each of the cards. You’re going to have a Tarot reading that consists of 3 cards, with each card representing one of the quarters of your year.

You may have the following:

  • Card One: January, February, March, April
  • Card Two: May, June, July, August
  • Card Three: September, October, November, December

Or, you can split up your quarters into sections of the year that are most comfortable for you. Maybe your work, for example, has a quarterly section that is different than this, many do. Divide your year into the quarters that you want, in your head or even on paper.

Then shuffle, cut the deck into three piles, and pick the first card from the top of each card. When you do, ask and set the intention for Tarot to show you what each quarter will bring.

What does January to April look like? Ask the same for each quarter.

The card that is shown will show you the greatest theme for that quarter. It could be an obstacle or challenge, or a wonderful blessing. Maybe you are starting a new adventure if The Fool shows up, or an engagement or new romance if the 2 of Cups shows up. Use our Tarot definitions for help.

Then you can pull other cards from the deck, asking individual questions with each one. We call these clarifying cards. So when you are looking at Quarter One, for example, ask the Tarot for more details by pulling additional cards and placing them beside Quarter One. You may see people, places, or themes coming up. Our Tarot definitions can help you figure out the what’s what on those.

This is the general procedure you are going to use for all three of your 2019 Tarot readings.

2. The Four Seasons Forecast – 4 Card Reading

Who doesn’t want to know if they are going to have a rocking Summer? Or a new love by this time of the holidays next year? Or a health matter be resolved? We all have those questions. So this time, instead of dividing your reading into quarters, do so by seasons.

You’ll follow the exact same procedure as above. Shuffle, cut your deck, pick four cards, and then read them. After you do that, you can pull clarifying cards to get more answers.

There is no wrong way to get clarifying cards. Sometimes I spread my entire deck out in front of me like a fan and pick them “randomly” while pondering my question. Sometimes I pull them right off the top of the deck. However it happens, it was meant to be.

  • Card One: Spring
  • Card Two: Summer
  • Card Three: Fall
  • Card Four: Winter

This is the order of the seasons, with Spring being the season of new beginnings and Winter being the season of endings. So this may not be a reading that gives you an answer about NOW. That’s okay. Do a separate reading for that or keep our Daily Tarot reading app bookmarked.

But what this reading will show you is how to prepare and what joys to expect in the year ahead. What will be the theme of every season? The Tarot will tell you. Your clarifying cards will help you figure out the rest of the details.

3. The Monthly Outlook – 12 Card Reading

This is one of my favourite things to do every year. I do this for family and friends too around New Year’s, for those I don’t buy holiday gifts for. You can too!

How many calendars do you think you’re going to get for Christmas this year? I always average about 3. And I love them all because they all say something different about what the other person that is giving them thinks of me.

Don’t you just love how each picture for every month says something different about that month as well?

Well, now you can do that with Tarot as well. You don’t have to make an actual calendar, but you can do a 12-month reading that will give you a picture of what each month of the year will look like.

Again, do the procedure exactly the same way you would any other reading. Shuffle and cut the cards however you like, or just pick 12 random cards after a nice good shuffle. As you shuffle, ask the Tarot to show you what your year ahead looks like. Then as you pick each card, say the name of the month as you pick it, out loud or in your head is just fine too.

Then lay out the 12 cards in front of you and use our Tarot Definitions to figure out what events you can expect to see each month in 2019. Again, ask clarifying questions if you need to or pull clarifying cards.

But first, take a picture of these 12 cards and take some notes. Then, file it away until the end of January. Refer to this picture and your notes at the end of every month. And you’ll see… the Tarot never lies.

So now you know how to use the Tarot to see what 2019 holds. If you have any questions, give us a shout!

Concluding Thoughts…

And that, my friends, is how you get a snapshot of what is ahead for you in 2019. If you see some challenging cards show up in your readings, don’t freak out. I really mean it. It’s VERY easy to do that if a dark card shows up. Just remember, nobody - and I do mean nobody - has a perfect life and a perfect year. I’m not doing my job if I tell you that you’re going to have a perfect and challenge free year. That’s the gift of Tarot. The Tarot can point you to those and also help you find out what to do about it. When a challenging card comes up, ask a clarifier with this question: What do I need to do in order to turn this challenge into a miracle? The Tarot will tell you that too.

And there’s how you set yourself up for your best year yet.

Farewell, 2018! Don’t let the door hit you! Bring it on 2019, we can’t wait to see what you have for us!

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