When Change is the Only Answer: New Moon in Cancer Eclipse

Posted on July 01, 2019
Updated on October 28, 2020

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July 2nd brings us a total solar eclipse during the New Moon in the Water sign of Cancer.

For those of you who don’t speak ‘astrology’ quite yet, all of that essentially means that the Universe will be creating such an intense energy that we will be ready to make some major changes in our lives. Watch as people around you begin to hit the ‘go’ button on the ideas they’ve had on the back of their mind. Also, you’ll see the change process you started at the beginning of the year now has some grip on the road, and you can finally make more headway, especially if you’ve hit a roadblock.

Before you sit back and put your feet up to watch all these events unfold on the cosmic silver screen, we’d like to encourage you to use this energy to accomplish something big. A solar eclipse always brings change, but those who are hyper-focused on their goals will have the energy of the Sun pushing them towards that vision. Let’s start by asking one really simple, really important question: what do you need in order to fulfill your biggest dream?

The cool thing is, a New Moon in the intuitive Cardinal Water sign of Cancer can help you see what your soul actually needs or wants.

We begin a powerful change cycle on July 2nd that will culminate on the Full Moon lunar eclipse on July 16. There will also be a longer incubation cycle for things started on this New Moon that will carry you through December when there is another solar eclipse. Getting to know these larger cycles helps you see how all of humanity is affected by or able to use planetary energy.

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Major Themes for the Cancer New Moon’s Total Solar Eclipse

Our job is to give you a heads-up on these astrological events because the Universal energy is about to get seriously amped up. Here are the major feelings and energy waves everyone will be hit with and how to use them to make positive change in your life.

Personal Freedom

This solar eclipse is sextile Uranus, the planet of rebellion which means those Cancerian emotions that are coming to a head will make you crave your freedom. Improve your life by seeing where your heart or mind wants more space. Remember that you can share your needs or wants in an amicable way without emotional outbursts.


You will feel drawn to meet and socialize on this New Moon because there is change energy in the air that we will all feel curiously stimulated by. Choose groups that align with your dreams and make some new connections that will help steer you towards the life you truly desire.

New Insights

You will be able to see yourself and your current situation in a new light as if life suddenly has a more optimistic and clear lens. It’s possible to finally see the path that has been alluding you for months as if it was just out of reach. The New Moon represents a new beginning and a time to begin fresh. Take some quiet time to yourself to write down what new insights come to you today in regards to your biggest goals and how you can take steps towards achieving them.


With the Sun and Moon in emotional Cancer, please do not fall into blame mode. When you feel like pointing a finger at someone for your emotions, take a look in the mirror and look at the feelings you allow yourself to have that limit your happiness or potential. You can easily see where your fears are causing you to make excuses for not pursuing your true desires. This is quite empowering.

Closing Thoughts…

Astrology is most empowering when we consider the whole cosmic picture rather than just one aspect, planet, or transit at a time.

Be aware that the Sun is also in Cancer, thus amplifying our emotional intensity and making sure we feel everything. We still have Pluto, Neptune, and Jupiter in retrograde, meaning we may be looking deeply at past patterns that have blocked us from moving ahead. We are also in the pre-shadow period of the next Mercury retrograde, and that means we may start to see some electronic or travel mishaps begin.

Take time for your goals today friends, get clear with what they are and write them down. Spend the next two and a half weeks putting one foot in front of the other and visualizing exactly what you want. Then get ready for the Full Moon magic that brings the things we have been working on manifesting into our reality!

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