Which British Royal Family Member Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Posted on March 29, 2019
Updated on October 30, 2020

Royal family crest.

The public’s obsession with the Windsors, better known as the British Royal Family, has lasted decades. They move magazines and papers like no other, from trashy tabloids to respected publications. Countless hours of news coverage have been dedicated to them. They are pop culture icons represented in movies, TV shows, music, and art. They’ve lived every scandal and spawned endless conspiracy theories.

The Royal Family truly are some of England’s most notorious and beloved celebrities. With a more media-friendly approach now than ever before, it’s easy to see the relatable human side of the British Monarchy. Ignoring their genuine birth dates and zodiac affiliation, let’s imagine which royal member best represents each zodiac sign based on personality alone.

Which British Royal Are You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius - Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

The new face of the Royal Family, Princess Meghan is modern, ambitious and constantly evolving - and is there really anything more Aquarius than that? Working from humble beginnings all the way to the Palace, her ability to turn her dreams into reality is distinctly Aquarian. Though Meghan has had to curb her sense of adventure to become a princess, we know her wild Air sign roots still exist within her.

Pisces - Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Comfortable behind the scenes and known for her reserved nature, Camilla Parker-Bowles is surely a Water sign. Though she has had her fair share of royal scandal (those leaked phone tapes!), her ability to distance herself from it & eventually use it to her distinction is uniquely Piscean. Her dedication to charities involving the welfare of children and animals also shows us her tender, nurturing Pisces roots.

Aries - Sarah, Duchess of York

A bit of a troublemaker with a reputation for jumping into a situation before maybe considering all the outcomes, the Duchess of York is a typical Aries. Affectionately known as Fergie, this royal is a bit impulsive and has always been known for her blunt personality and straightforward communication. Like a true Aries though, her ebullient and confident demeanor makes her more likable than not.

Taurus - Prince William, Duke of Cambridge

What better figure to represent patient, dutiful Taurus than Prince William? Though this Earth sign and prince are perhaps both more reserved than their peers, they are responsible leaders that take this mantle seriously and garner the respect of those around them easily. Though he has matured over time, Wills has always had a stubborn Taurus streak - just look at the way he fought to be with Princess Kate.

Gemini - Prince George, Duke of Sussex

Gemini’s ability to be a scene-stealing charmer without any effort is so similar to Prince George, it’s uncanny. A media darling since birth, George has already shown he is effortlessly entertaining and engaging, a total Air sign quality. Much like one of the littlest royals, Gemini’s personality is constantly changing and evolving too, which makes them exciting to be around- we’re all here for their show.

Cancer - The Queen’s Corgis, Vulcan & Candy

As synonymous with the royal family as outrageous hats and charity work, the Queen’s Corgis are a beloved member of their ranks. Devoted to family in an unwavering and selfless way that is distinctly canine, Cancer is a sweet companion - just like Vulcan and Candy. While the Corgis and this Water sign may not be in the spotlight 24/7, when they are, their outgoing energy steals the show every time.

Leo - Future Royal Baby

Right now, there is no topic hotter than the royal family’s upcoming arrival. Being the undisputed ruler of the zodiac, Leo is THE royal sign - a natural born leader, with the ability to unite people in adoration. As the ultimate symbol of the evolving monarchy, this child is going to have all eyes on them, which Leo loves. Though that’s a lot of pressure, like a true Leo, this future royal is sure to rise to the challenge.

Virgo - Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

A classic Virgo personality, Princess Catherine is composed, warm and generous. Like her Earth sign kin, Kate commands attention and respect without having to solicit it. Responsible, sincere and driven to help others, Kate and Virgo are ideal leaders - no matter how little they appear to covet the role. However, lest you think this princess and Virgo are too serious, just remember that little mesh dress!

Libra - Prince Charles of Wales

An avid environmentalist, Prince Charles and his commitment to making the world a better place for all is pure Libra. Idealistic and intellectual like an Air sign, Charles was one of the first royals to opt out of the traditional military service in order to focus on his studies. Just like Libra, there is a balance between Prince Charles’ serious and playful side though - who could forget that saucy kiss from Ginger Spice?!

Scorpio - Diana, Princess of Wales

Arguably the one who inspired the media obsession with the royal family, Princess Diana had the understated poise and quiet confidence we associate with a Scorpio. Though her kind heart earned her label as “The People’s Princess,” Diana was still reserved, only truly opening up to those she trusted. Her independence from the strict rules of the royal regime at the time was also a distinctly Scorpio trait.

Sagittarius - Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex

Cheeky, irreverent, and a bit of a wild card, Prince Harry represents this Fire sign to the fullest. Though Sag, and this ginger price, may both have their occasional stumbles with conflict and drama, their straightforward and genuine demeanor always saves the day. Usually found where the excitement is, Price Harry and Sagittarius alike live their life to the fullest, to the benefit of all those around them.

Capricorn - Elizabeth II, Queen of England

Of course, the most ambitious and hardworking sign of the zodiac is THE Queen! Just like Elizabeth II runs England, Capricorn runs this show. There is still a playful, sly side to both Queen Mother and Capricorn though- don’t mistake their sense of duty as dull. Like any Earth sign, Queen Elizabeth’s personality naturally commands respect, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else capable of doing what she does.

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