Which Classic Holiday Treat Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on December 22, 2019
Updated on January 27, 2022

Holiday treats handing on strings in front of a wooden background.

The holidays are here, and with the holidays come many familiar sights and sounds - and even better flavors!

We’re all prone to adding an extra layer during the holidays, partly because it helps us fight the cold, and partly because the desserts are simply too delicious. From cookies to cakes and everything in between, we certainly get to exercise our sweet tooth this time of the year.

This year, let’s combine the sweet vibes of astrology with the sugary goodness of holiday treats to discover…

Which Holiday Treat is Your Zodiac Sign?


Aries are feisty, known for their big personalities and the way they tend to light up a room. Your personality matches that of the beloved gingerbread man, whose happy demeanor is adored the world over. The ginger and cinnamon in these cookies even match the spice in your nature.


Taureans are earthy and refined, with a loyalty toward their loved ones that can hardly be rivalled. The love you show to your friends and family is almost as sweet as this Honey Pecan Pie, whose nutty pecans resemble your grounded nature. This pie will win over a room as quickly as your personality does.


Geminis have a dual nature as the twins of the zodiac, which means you get the sweet and the slightly sour - yet these two dynamics complement each other perfectly. Your personality is similar to the complexity of a delicious cheesecake with a tart berry sauce. The flavors go so well together that you would never choose one over the other, much like the different sides of your spirit.


Devoted and deep, the love of a Cancer feels like home. Cancers know how to make their friends and family feel comfortable, and they make excellent hosts. Their style is classic, like holiday fudge. It’s a taste that you know and love, and one that you can’t quite get enough of. Your nature is sweet, and you know how to make your guests feel happy, just like the holidays.

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You’re the life of the party Leo, and your holiday treat should reflect your warm, whimsical personality. Like the classic yet surprising glass of frothy, ice-cold spiked eggnog, you’re a well-known crowd-pleaser. Made with amaretto liqueur, spiced rum, and delicious eggnog, this holiday drink is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face - just like you, Leo!


Virgos are ruled by Earth and tend to be practical, hard-working, and analytical. It’s in your nature to examine everything around you, including nature. As an ode to your connection with Mother Earth, the treat that best represents your personality is the traditional French yule log - made of earthy chocolate and rich cream. You deserve to take a break and have a treat, Virgo.


Libras are an Air sign that love beauty, thanks to their ruling planet, Venus. Nothing could represent you as well as this gorgeous English trifle, with its delicious flavors and bright, vivid colors. You have an appreciation for the beauty in life, and everyone around you enjoys that sense of wonder so inherent to who you are.


Scorpios are a mysterious Water sign, with a depth of emotion. Your personality is magnetic and a bit dizzying, your sensual nature intoxicating. The holiday treat that matches the charisma you exude is holiday rum balls. With their boozy yet sweet flavors, they’re hard to keep away from, but a little bit edgy.


Sagittarians are an optimistic Fire sign with a sense of wonder and adventure. You look at the world with rose-colored glasses on, and your personality is like that of a happy cup of hot chocolate with bright, bouncing little marshmallows on top. Your bubble nature warms the soul of your friends and family.


Capricorns are nothing if not traditional (at least in some sense,) and their personality shows it. You’re like the delicious and beloved Christmas pudding that is so popular in Britain. With the zesty citrus that represents Cap’s motivation and the cinnamon that defines the holidays, this treat goes perfectly with your lovable personality.


Aquarians are Air signs who get carried by the winds towards new adventure. Your sign loves to travel and see new places and experience new cultures. Your worldly personality resembles the Italian Christmas bread, panettone. With its delicious flavor and rich culture, this holiday treat seems just like your well-travelled demeanor.


Pisces are ruled by Water; your personality is compassionate, empathetic and thoughtful. In a word, sweet. You resemble the traditional, beloved sugar cookie that is nearly synonymous with the holidays. You know how to make your loved ones happy, and nothing is quite as joyous as biting down into a soft, buttery sugar cookie.

Visions of Sugar Plums…

You deserve to take a moment for yourself and give yourself a treat. So, sit back with your favorite treat, relax, and have a happy holiday!

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