Which Signs Are the Most Innovative?

Posted on January 30, 2018
Updated on July 03, 2020

There are many definitions of “innovation,” and the meaning and the importance of being able to display it varies from person to person and business to business. It’s intangible, but so very highly valued in certain circles. The word entails a creativity beyond most, and an ability to see beyond the every day into the distinct possibility of what we could accomplish if we remove limitations.

It could be an idea that makes for a vast improvement on what already exists. Think about it - Scotch Tape was once considered brilliant, just as solar energy is today. With the Sun in forward-thinking Aquarius, today we are going to look at the zodiac signs considered the most innovative, the most likely to come up with some radical and unique ideas.

Aquarius - Problem-Solving Risk Takers

If innovation is about being able able to tap into your imagination and be able to see the connections between things that may not seem like they go together, then Aquarius has it in the bag. With a combined ability to use analytics, problem solving skills and a wickedly unique way of seeing the world, Aquarius is probably the most likely to come up with something crazy, and helpful.

Aquarius has altruistic tendencies, a capacity for not letting emotion get in the way of progress, and a rebellious independence. They aren’t afraid to take risks, love to prove naysayers wrong and won’t stop until they have the whole thing sorted out, often coming up with solutions that can do more than just make a quick buck for another factory or big business.

It’s no wonder so many water bearers are entrepreneurs, engineers, inventors and scientists! Some famous and trailblazing Aquarians through history include Oprah Winfrey, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison and Rosa Parks.

Gemini - Inspired Communicators

The sign of the twins can certainly be innovative, and for them it’s probably related to the sheer amount of exposure they have to all kinds of information. Geminis are lifelong learners, on a never ending quest for knowledge. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, they are also quite adept at picking up different languages.

In explaining exactly what they’re thinking about, they can easily translate their ideas and get others on board. By keeping their brains in shape, nimble Geminis see patterns of connection across languages, genres and industries. Their affinity for technology helps as well, when in the thick of advancement, it may be a short trip to come up with your own radical product!

Groundbreaking Geminis throughout time have been John F. Kennedy, Che Guevara, Anne Frank and Frank Lloyd Wright, all of whom were able to profoundly express themselves through oration, questioning the norm, literature or architecture, they all inspired others with their vision.

Sagittarius - Imagination - Idea Generators

Where would we be without the wild imagination of Sagittarius? Optimistic, adventurous and always on the path of discovery, the sign of the archer cannot sit still and is ever open to seeing the possibilities life has to offer. When we are able to dispel fear, low self-confidence and status, we leave our mind open to positivity and forget about all the noise.

Sagittarius’ spontaneous and fearless nature allows them to forge ahead with even the most ridiculous ideas - they just don’t really stop to worry about what other people will think, as they are fascinated by their own curiosity and simply want to be able to explore something fully.

Without five million edits to achieve perfection, we get to hear astounding guitar solos from Jimi Hendrix; raw, powerful emotion and energy from Tina Turner and elegant beauty in the arias of Maria Callas. If they had listened to everyone else, they wouldn’t have been able to shock, inspire and eventually change the world of music in their own genres.

Pisces - Creative Fantasy

The sign of the fish is known as one of the most creative, and their dreamy, gentle nature allows them to be able to see the best in people, and in the universe - to be able to go with the flow and even to make up their very own word of fantasy they can escape to for the going gets rough.

When you look at the world through a lens of beauty and wonder, it’s not hard to put two and two together. True artists, Pisces takes inspiration from nature, coming up with entirely new ways to make music, literature and art. Highly intuitive, they can translate their deep emotions into this artistic expression, really capturing people’s hearts through their chosen medium.

Famously artistic and innovative Pisces include Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, Albert Einstein and Michelangelo, all of whom showed unique and distinctive abilities to impact the worlds of music, art, science, math and architecture, and each in their own way, change the face of their industry forever. (Fun fact: Michelangelo was also a poet.)


While everyone, no matter what sign, is capable of being creative, of generating ideas and of coming up with truly inspiring works of art, literature, business innovations, etc. these signs were found to have the best combination of skills to really jump ahead of the pack.

Famous leaders, inventors, orators, artists, actors, etc. throughout time have been able to demonstrate any one or a mix of the traits we touched on: problem-solving, risk-taking, communicating in a way that inspires people, having the imagination to look at what’s possible and then creating something that brings people to a place of awe and fantasy.

We are all capable of making a difference in this world, no matter what we are born with! Did we miss anyone? Who would you say is the most forward-thinking and groundbreaking in the zodiac?

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