Work on Long-Term Plans With Mercury in Capricorn

Posted on December 28, 2019
Updated on October 29, 2020

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Get focused! Mercury is now in disciplined, practical Earth sign Capricorn, to stay until January 16. Mercury joins the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn, and this comes off of the solar eclipse in Capricorn, so we’re in a super Capricorn period!

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What Does Mercury in Capricorn Mean?

Mercury is the planet of the mind, governing communication, ideas, and plans. In the natal chart, Mercury shows how you communicate and how your mind operates. In transit, Mercury brings mental focus, filling our thoughts and stimulating new ideas.

Capricorn rules productivity, hard work, and is in it for the long haul. Capricorn looks forward, seeing how the pieces fit together. This sign puts together long-term plans of action that are realistic and practical, and keeps going.

If You Were Born With Mercury in Capricorn…

When you’re a Mercury in Capricorn native, this means you’re someone who has a practical approach to your plans and ideas, and likes to think things through. You believe that with the right plan of action, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. You may not have much patience for the superficial, wanting everything to have a purpose, and don’t care much for small talk.

The Mercury in Capricorn man may have to work on more open communication. He can see things in stark terms sometimes, and an open mind can do him good. He’s very focused on what he wants, and can accomplish a lot as a result.

The Mercury in Capricorn woman can go her own way, and doesn’t care to follow others. She may need to work on being more open emotionally to help process what she’s going through. She can be very helpful with others, and protective of loved ones.

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Mercury in Capricorn 2020

As a transit, Mercury in Capricorn helps all of us to think about and come up with ideas for (Mercury) long-term plans for our goals (Capricorn). We’re already pretty focused on our goals thanks to so many planets in Capricorn! So Mercury helps give us the mental energy and focus we need to put together practical plans to make these goals tangible.

Let’s go into what each zodiac sign may want to focus on with Mercury in Capricorn:


Capricorn is your career and life path sector, so you can focus on your professional goals, and what you ultimately want in your life. What have you aspired to accomplish or become? Be practical and get advice from those you respect if you need some help.


Work on long-term plans for expansion, new experiences, or exploration. You can think a little bigger, but in a realistic way, and have a more optimistic outlook. Embrace opportunity, and let yourself be a little bolder and more adventurous.


Transformations can be on your mind now, so this is a good time to work on long-term plans for transforming some part of your life or of yourself - or everything, top to bottom! If it hasn’t been working, then make changes to bring new life.


The people in your life can get more of your attention, so work on long-term plans that involve other people, or that impact your relationships. Improve the way you connect with others, strengthen commitment, and open up to new people.


Your long-term plans should be focused on your work and daily life. Are you doing work that you love? If not, your plans should involve changing that. Are you satisfied with your everyday life? If not, change that too!


You’re not a sign known for a heartfelt connection, so your long-term plans should focus on changing that. How can you improve your connection to your heart, bring more joy and love into your life, and share love with the people you care for?


Matters at home and with family can get your attention now, so this is a good time to work on long-term plans involving your home and family life. Want to move? Expand your family? Remodel your home? This may also be a great time for focusing on long-term plans with something from the ground up.


Your mind may be incredibly active during this time, so focus on long-term plans for all of the ideas you have. You have so many of them, you may forget them quickly if you don’t come up with long-term plans fast. Keep track since one of them could be a diamond!


Capricorn is your money sector, which may have been shaky over the last few years! But with this energy now, you can work on long-term plans to turn that around. Focus on improving stability and security, and what’s worth your time and effort.


It’s all about you! This is a big period for you, so think about the long-term plans that you’re most excited about and can get started with right away. You have the energy and drive for it now, and don’t want it to pass you by.


You may want to focus on your long-term plans on your own, and not let anyone interfere and stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. The long-term plans you put together can help set you up for the future, and you can work on eliminating baggage now.


This can be a great period to focus on long-term plans for your dreams. Think about the future you’d love to have, and let yourself think outside of the box a little bit. You’ll likely still be practical about it, but taking a new, fresh approach may be helpful.


Remember that Mercury is not the only one in Capricorn right now! So is the Sun (until January 20), Jupiter (until December 19), Saturn (on and off throughout 2020), and Pluto (for many more years to come). The Capricorn energy gets a burst at the moment with Mercury, the Sun, and the solar eclipse, but this is a long-term deal.

So, get those long-term plans together, pronto!

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