Mercury in Taurus: Find Your Voice

Posted on April 03, 2020

On April 27th 2020, the quick-thinking planet, Mercury, moves out of highly-charged Aries and into stable and practical Taurus. Mercury, the natural ruler of Gemini and Virgo, represents communication and intelligence, and there is a rather happy meeting when it comes across Taurus, which is a sign known for getting things done. Combined, these two have the ability to transform ideas into reality.

People with Mercury in Taurus in their natal chart are gifted with the ability to ‘look before they leap’. They carefully assess situations before making a move and when they think of a plan, or a plan is presented to them, they ensure to view it from every angle before taking a step forward. At times, they can be accused of being stubborn or closed-minded, but to the Mercury in Taurus person, they are merely being cautious so that they do not run into obstacles further down the line.

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Individuals with Mercury in Taurus often speak slowly and clearly. They tend to have a beautiful tinge to their voices! Emma Watson and George Clooney are two examples of people with Mercury in Taurus.

What does Mercury in Taurus Mean for You?

Anyone who has been struggling with sticking to something or who has found themselves burning out halfway during a task will welcome Mercury entering Taurus! This transit provides us with greater staying power. This is no time for wishful thinking – that’s why this is a great time for implementing those ideas into reality.

It means we get to slow down more too. No more rushing into things or leaping forward, no matter how enthusiastic we may be. When Mercury goes into Taurus, it’s time to focus on what’s real and tangible.

This is why it’s best to concentrate on what we already know, as opposed to what we don’t know. The tried and tested is our best friend right now.

Less Emotional Outbursts

During this transit, we will be able to communicate more effectively. There’s quite a lot of diplomacy in the air during this time! If you’ve been worried about having a certain conversation with someone, or struggling to think of the right words to say, Mercury in Taurus provides you with the ability to express yourself succinctly in a way that isn’t impaired by emotions out of your control. This is how you find your voice. You know what you want to say and you know how to say it.

Enjoy Sensuality

This is a powerful time to communicate with those you love, especially in regard to romance. Taurus is a sensual sign, one that is strongly connected to pleasure. If you’d like to express your feelings in a way that is both grounded and ardent, then there’s no better time to do it than under this transit. This applies to both the verbal and written word.

Follow Your Head

This isn’t the time for following your heart. Yes, of course, keep the influence of your heart motivating and guiding you, but right now it’s time to follow your head. Think practically and logically. This transit provides you with the opportunity to plant seeds for the future. You can experience greater reliability during this period and you are also able to think in more practical terms.

Your intuition values both your logical side and your emotional side. When both of them are able to work together, this is when you are at your best. Mercury in Taurus encourages grounding and diligence, which can lead to wonderful outcomes.

Connect to Nature

Taurus is an earthy sign and is happiest when able to experience the pleasures of the physical world. If you are unable to go out at this time, then think of how you can bring nature to you. Use the practical and grounding energy of Mercury in Taurus to rearrange your home – you could have plant pots sitting on the windowsill. You could look into purchasing an earthing mat or sheet. You can keep track of the lunar phases and arrange indoor rituals for each phase. There are many ways to enjoy nature while being indoors.

Crystals to Use During Mercury in Taurus:

Sodalite is a fantastic crystal to use or wear during this transit. This is a crystal that enables you to speak your mind in a way that is clear and powerful. Mercury in Taurus amplifies the power of sodalite, especially when it is worn around the throat.

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For anyone who is in a position of leadership, aventurine is an excellent crystal to wear or use. It can help anyone who needs to communicate their views or position to others. Under Mercury in Taurus, it enables you to speak clearly and decisively so that others likewise feel confident in your abilities.


Mercury in Taurus is a positive transit for many and it gives us the opportunity to get things done, communicate effectively and find our voice! Don’t forget to check out your Daily Horoscopes for even more insight as you plan and prepare for this upcoming transit.

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