What Does Mercury in Taurus Mean for You?

Posted on April 17, 2021
Updated on April 19, 2021

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If you’re ready for a shift in communication, the sharing of information, and your thought processes, look no further than the approaching shift of Mercury – the planet of communication and information – from the fiery sign of Aries into the calm and steady sign of Taurus.

Mercury represents communication and intellect, and it feels safe and warm in the sign of peaceful Taurus, bringing a sense of calming energy to our conversations and communication. Taurus is a sign known for going after what it wants and getting things done, giving you a sense of confidence and capability regarding your mind and words.

Individuals born with Mercury in Taurus in their birth chart are confident and sure of themselves, especially when it comes to their thoughts, ideas, and words. You can expect to take on some of that self-assuredness during this transit, making it much easier for you to share your thoughts with the world.

One only needs to look at a few celebrities with Mercury in Taurus placements in their chart to get a better idea of the energy this transit brings.

Think about how eloquent and well-spoken Emma Watson is. And whether you support her stance on many issues, it’s hard to deny that Lena Dunham is steadfast and confident in her beliefs, as well as the sharing of them. That charm that seems to drip off George Clooney could be attributed to his Mercury in Taurus placement.

Yes, Taurus is often labeled “stubborn,” and for a good reason. You may feel more rigid about your beliefs, so it’s important to practice activities that encourage an open mind to make sure you’re getting the best you can out of this wonderful transit.

But there’s much more to learn about this transit, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how to take advantage of Mercury in Taurus while it’s here!

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Mercury in Taurus Dates

This year, Mercury enters soothing and steadfast Taurus on April 19th, where it will remain until May 3rd.

Mercury will also enter a retrograde period in the sign of Gemini from May 29th until June 22nd, making this an excellent time to get your communicative ducks in a row, metaphorically speaking.

What Does Mercury in Taurus Mean for You?

While Mercury was in the feisty sign of Aries, you may have felt more impulsive in both your thoughts and your conversations. It’s hard to remain level-headed when Mercury travels through such a fiery sign, which is why it can feel so healing and soothing when this planet moves into a calmer, more grounded sign like Taurus.

Further, if you’ve been struggling to locate that springtime motivation that most of us look forward to, this transit can help you get a jump start. Taurus may not move too quickly or like to be rushed, but this sign has some amazing staying power and can go on for as long as it takes to get the job done.

This means that while you may have felt frustrated enough to check out of a situation mid-conversation during Aries season, you’ll feel much more comfortable sticking it out and getting to the heart of the matter right now while Mercury is in determined Taurus.

Yet, despite this sense of determination, there’s also an increased desire to slow down and appreciate the world around you.

Taurus is a sensual sign that wants to soak up sensory experiences and taste every flavor that life offers. You may feel more inclined to think and talk about ideas that feel real, tangible, and genuine to you.

Let’s go over a few things to expect while Mercury dances through nature-loving, grounded Taurus.

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1. Fewer Emotional Outbursts

When Mercury was in feisty Aries, you may have been more likely to lash out when you felt frustrated or angry. But, thankfully, Taurus is much calmer energy to deal with – with or without the stubborn tendencies that may come along with this transit.

Taurus is a rather diplomatic sign, and conversations may take on a more understanding, open-minded tone while Mercury travels through this sign. Taurus and Mercury come together to encourage self-expression and help you find your voice, which means it’s your time to express that voice.

2. Enjoy the Sensations

Communications and conversations take on a deeper tone, leading to deeper and more meaningful bonds between yourself and your loved ones. Try to let yourself relax into these sensations and enjoy them.

Let yourself get expressive and show your affection for those around you.

3. Follow Your Head, Not Your Heart

Whether you typically listen to your heart when it comes to important matters, this is the time to listen to what your head has to say. Taurus is an Earth sign – along with Virgo and Capricorn. These are the most grounded and realistic signs of the astrological bunch, meaning that there won’t be much time for fantasy or emotional decisions.

It’s time to listen to what your head, what logic, has to say about things.

4. Spend Time With Mother Nature

Speaking of Earth signs, where do you think they have the most pleasant and peaceful time? In the great outdoors, of course!

Suppose you find yourself feeling lost or in need of deeper meaning. Head outside and spend some time connecting to Mother Nature. She has many great things to teach us, and her healing energy may be just what you need to break away from a funk or a rut.

Crystals to Use During Mercury in Taurus

You know we love our crystals around here, and we stand firmly by our belief that there is a crystal for every season. And there are definitely some crystals that can assist you while Mercury twinkles around the calming constellation of Taurus.

Sodalite is a stone that enhances communication and connects to the energy of the Earth, making it a fantastic crystal to work with during this transit. Keep a piece of sodalite in your left pocket throughout the day to encourage open, honest, and confident communication.

This stone is especially healing and powerful when its energy is directed towards the Throat chakra.

Because Taurus is an Earth sign, it can be difficult to connect to the heart – meaning you may want to work with a crystal such as malachite, which connects to and heals the Heart chakra. This crystal also connects to nature, helping you better appreciate the healing energy of the blossoming life all around you.

Other wonderful crystals to work with include:

  • Aquamarine
  • Turquoise
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amazonite
  • Celestite

Get Ready for Mercury in Taurus!

If you’ve felt like your communication skills could use some fine-tuning, look forward to this healing and calming transit. Mercury in Taurus makes it easier to say what’s on your mind without causing a stir.

So, don’t forget to listen to and project your own voice right now. Do so with compassion, kindness, and love, and everything will work out to your advantage.

What thoughts or ideas have you been meaning to share with the world?

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