Express Your True Self with the Full Moon in Libra: A Checklist

Posted on April 01, 2020

A Full Moon rests within a daytime blue sky surrounded by puffy clouds.

This fun and eclectic Libra Full Moon energy welcomes us to open our heart’s purest expression of love. April 7 brings culminating energy that will allow us to feel our wings spread so our true identity can take flight. If there are people or environments that are cramping your energetic style, you will finally be able to see these roadblocks and maneuver around them.

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This Full Moon occurs with the Sun in charismatic and brave Aries, which, as a Fire sign, reminds us of our own inner flames - our souls. Your soul is a unique energy that came to bring something special to the world and within your heart, you do know how you want to express yourself and what resonates with you. This Full Moon allows you to make your big break into awareness of who you desire to express yourself as without fear.

Much of how we express ourselves is influenced by our personal relationships and work relationships. When those relationships don’t support our soul, we can use this powerful cosmic cycle to recalibrate them or release them. To upgrade your self-love and self-expression, this lunation allows you to reboot the way you allow other people’s energy to affect your goals and life. Let’s take a closer look at how you can improve your creative expression by rewriting your own role in the relationships in your life.

How Healthy are Your Relationships?

If you’re willing to dive more deeply into a difficult question such as that, you can find a lot of satisfaction in the April 7th Full Moon in relationship-focused Libra! Diplomatic Air sign Libra is all about getting along - it’s a highly social sign. Libras hate to be alone for long periods of time.

Appropriately, partnerships and identity are two points of focus during this time. Full Moons are capable of giving us a significant push in the right direction when it comes to finding personal and emotional health in the way we work with others. Let’s take a look at what the Full Moon in Libra will bring to your world!

Key Themes With Full Moon in Libra

Full Moons bring an awful lot of powerful, charged energy our way. As the Moon rules our emotions and our subconscious, this can be a time where our feelings dictate our reactions much more than usual. The Moon can sway our emotions, but it can also be a powerful chance for us to work on and use our intuition to the best effect.

Libra is a Cardinal sign as well, and along with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, these are the leaders and initiators of the zodiac. In Libra’s case, they have a powerful ability to bring people together.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, creativity, harmony and relationships, Libras do not like to upset people and are one of the most thoughtful of all the zodiac signs. Associated with the 7th house of partnerships, Libras are excellent communicators and terrific listeners - a fantastic combination when we need to face some tough conversations.

The Full Moon in Libra could be a good time to identify the things that are getting in your way - and letting go of them. While Libra might have a hard time making decisions, they know the difference between right and wrong and have a firm grasp on their values - they just don’t want to disturb the peace or let anyone down.

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Your 3-Step Checklist for the Full Moon in Libra:

• Decide what you will end or close on this Full Moon

The light of the Moon sheds light on the most important areas of your life. With this Full Moon in Libra, relationships and partnerships are going to take front and center. This does not always mean endings in relationships, though for some, there will be breakups.

This instead means ending a way of doing things. So many relationships will see old habits dying hard, and even elevations to the next level. A lot of engagements, marriages, and live-in relationships will start during this period. Any changes you make to your relationships right now have the potential to be epic, and life-altering under a Full Moon.

• Ask yourself what is being revealed on this Full Moon

Here’s where your intuition really gets a boost! If you’re paying attention, you will be given information to shed light on things that have been vexing you since the New Moon in Pisces last month. The beginnings that you started there will have information and clarity come to them to breathe renewal into any area of your life.

Emotional needs and wants from those near to you will be more clear, and so will your own. What just isn’t working for you? Have you been avoiding dealing with toxic behavior in a friendship, with a family member or a lover? Now is the time to face what’s going on and make the tough choices that will help you move forward in a positive way.

Libra is associated with the Tarot card of Justice - a card that is about doing the right thing. The Full Moon is a great time to consider what that means for you.

• Set aside time for Full Moon cleansing & clearing

This is an excellent time for self-reflection. While New Moons are about setting intentions, Full Moons beg you to re-evaluate your status. How far along are you in the goals you set in the March 24th New Moon in Pisces? If you haven’t been working on them, what’s holding you back?

This could also indicate a time to further communication with someone very dear to you. Going deeply into your connection can be hard, but this could also mark a breakthrough in your partnership if you can keep your best interests in mind and play fair.

Ask yourself what can I do to change this relationship for the better? What is this other person in my life experiencing in this situation, that I need to understand better? How can I change this partnership for the better?

Many healers also recommend this time as best for cleansing your crystals - the powerful moonlight has a positive effect and can charge these tools for maximum benefit. For more ideas on how to maximize the power and influence the Full Moon has on us, check out our article on What To Do Between the New Moon & the Full Moon.


The Full Moon in Libra can be a cosmic and karmic journey that has the power to change your life - if you want it to. If you feel areas of heaviness, stagnation, or suppression in your life, it is time to walk in a more positive direction and focus on more positive environments, goals, and people. Directing the energy of your thoughts towards positive expression, loving intentions, and soul supporting activities will help the flower of your soul bloom into what it came to do.

One key area to target during this event swirls around your emotional baggage. How much farther do you want to carry it? Or, do you want to drop it like a hot potato? (Hint, pick that former option.) If you don’t like what you’ve created in your life, cut it out now.

Why muddle your mind with waffling or confusion? Follow your heart and your instinct and leave that baggage on the curb. What are you going to release from your life during this period? We can’t wait to find out!

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