Your Eclipse Personality Style by Zodiac Sign - Understand How You Respond to Change

Posted on January 22, 2019
Updated on September 28, 2020

It’s eclipse season, friends! That means it’s change season. Eclipse energy is exciting energy because it always gives us a chance to reboot, refresh, and restart. Eclipse energy arrives with New Moons and Full Moons, and we’ve just come out of a New Moon in Capricorn solar eclipse on January 4, 5. This planted the seeds of new beginnings for many of us. The new beginnings planted here will begin to come full circle on January 20, 21 when the Full Moon in Leo and total lunar eclipse arrives.

This is how Moon cycles work. New Moons launch things, and Full Moons bring those matters to completion. New beginnings and chapters closing are all about bearing change. Today we are going to look at this eclipse, and eclipse cycles in general, and give you more insight on how eclipse energy shapes your zodiac sign’s personality style.

How Does Eclipse Energy Work?

When we have eclipse energy in the mix, the changes are more intense, and always come with information. That is because, during certain parts of these Moon phases, the Sun or the Moon or the Earth is eclipsed from the picture. We can’t see it.

We have to wait until the specified eclipse time passes for that information to manifest, and it usually takes a few days, or up to a few weeks. That could be a few weeks ahead of the eclipse event, as this information percolates. Or it could be after the fact.

Either way, this information will bear a change in the way we do and look at things. These changes that are related to the emotional Moon could be intense.

Eclipse cycles also link to each other. You may have one eclipse cycle this year bear information that began percolating last year. The January 20/21 Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is going to be connected to the August 11, 2018, New Moon in Leo eclipse of last year. A chapter comes full circle, and information has been collecting over 6 months to ensure that it does.

This is why we say eclipse energy can impact your life for up to six months time, and in some cases even longer.

You don’t have to worry about this if you live in the truth. The truth really will set you free.

But, some zodiac signs do resist change more than others and do resist sharing truth more than others. This could impact your overall karma. So this is another reason why eclipse cycles are so powerful in our lives. Time to embrace the notion that the truth really will set you free.

Eclipse Cycles 2019

Mark these dates on your calendar (or download our free monthly astrological calendar right here):

  • January 5/6 – New Moon in Capricorn, Partial Solar Eclipse
  • January 20/21 – Full Moon in Leo, Total Lunar Eclipse
  • July 2 – New Moon in Cancer, Total Solar Eclipse
  • July 16/17 – Full Moon in Capricorn, Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • December 26 – New Moon in Capricorn, Annular Solar Eclipse

You can see that we have a New Moon in Capricorn solar eclipse starting and beginning 2019! MOST eclipses this year are happening in Capricorn. That’s powerful! Make notes during your eclipse cycles about events in your life, and particularly information, and how that shapes your experiences over the next year.

Then, use this personality style by the zodiac sign guide to help you navigate these cycles. I’ve adapted them to the closest eclipse from this date, which is the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse on January 20/21. You’ll see that this eclipse is going to bring a chapter from last year’s New Moon eclipse in Leo full circle. And the changes could be in play until the Cancer New Moon eclipse this July.

Get your eclipse journal ready to start this blank new stage of your life! What will you write on it? Keep your Daily Horoscopes bookmarked for more insider information on how to stay on top of these changes, and how these changes will directly impact your life over the next year.

So let’s get to it!

Eclipse Personality by the Zodiac Sign

Aries – You Want to Drive Change.

When it comes to any kind of change, Aries, you want to be the one in charge. This is because you are a Cardinal sign, and you lead by nature. You like to be the boss if everything. As a general rule, you don’t mind change, so long as you are leading. So you will get prickly if you aren’t the one in the driver’s seat. When it comes to the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse, the change bears an ending or brings a matter to fulfillment. You will handle it best when you let go of the reins here, because fellow Fire sign friend Leo is in charge. With this in your fifth house of pleasures, expect a romantic matter to come to an end. This could be a good thing! Roll with the changes and don’t let your stubborn side prevail and this eclipse could bring some amazing miracles your way. Either way, you will be glad it’s over one way or another and ready for a new day.

Taurus — Loyalty Matters.

Change is tough for you, Taurus! As a Fixed sign, you like things to stay just as they are. But some people misunderstand this about you. They think it’s because you are stubborn. You prefer the term loyalty. You are as loyal to your opinions as you are to the people in your life, and you really would throw yourself in front of a bus for them. So when change, as it does with every eclipse, you don’t get upset because change is happening. You get upset because as an Earth sign you’ve worked hard to attain the situation or place you are at in life now. You don’t like change to ruffle that. With this Full Moon eclipse happening in fellow Fixed sign Leo and your fourth house of family and roots you will see changes and loyalties come into play. Stick to your loyalties like the stubborn soul that you are. But remember that this change could bring more value to their lives than the state you are in now. Leo wants this to be fun for you! This change isn’t going to change who you are or what your roots are. It’s going to improve the existing situation. You will still be your awesome loyal self to the people that are most important to you. So enjoy this change and find a fun way to navigate it for you and your entire group of people that you love.

Gemini — Your Words Go Both Ways.

You are a chatty one, Gemini, and you like your gadgets. These traits are part in parcel due to the fact that you are an Air sign. But these things get you in trouble sometimes, no? Your eclipse personality is that you like to use your gift of the gab to tell two stories as much as you can. This is because you are symbolized by the Twins, and also a Mutable sign. You roll with whatever way the wind or Air is blowing. That works. Sometimes. But sometimes it gets you into trouble. Your eclipse personality means that you will roll with the changes of the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse, but a big ending is coming. You can’t tell two stories on it and come out the winning party. This particular Full Moon eclipse is in the Fixed sign of Leo and your third house of communication. This is also your house of siblings. An ending in the way of communication matters is coming up, and may also come with your siblings. This is the time to pick one story, the truth, and stick to you. Words going both ways right now is not the best karmic choice. Information is coming to you that will reveal all in due time.

Cancer – Let Your Gifts & Talents Shine.

As a Cardinal sign, Cancer, you love to lead and take charge of change. But as the Cardinal sign of the Water signs, you like to lead with love. This works most of the time and is the personality that people know you best for. But when it comes to change, and eclipse level change, you resist this a little bit unless you are leading the change. You are best known for being the nurturer of the zodiac and leading with love. You are the Papa or Mama Bear of the zodiac, and when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. Change could be uncomfortable for you if you aren’t driving it. So find a way to find this middle ground, because the Full Moon in Leo eclipse is going to be a Fixed sign change. There won’t be much budging room. This eclipse is happening in your second house of earned income and gifts and talents. You could see a big money change around the corner or a work change. But this house also feeds your sense of self-esteem and confidence. Don’t go low in the dumps if things don’t seem to go exactly your way. You will find in due time that they go exactly how they should, and this change will be a blessing for you. Let those gifts and talents shine and you could make some real bank!

Leo – It’s All About You Now.

This is your time to shine, baby! You have the Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse working in your first house of self right now. A big change is coming full circle that began with eclipse season in your sign August 2018. Your sense of self is coming full circle. This is going to be a rebirth and regeneration of your sense of self of sorts, as you see a cycle come to completion. As a Fixed sign, you have a tendency to resist change, but this time around you should face this change or ending with renewed excitement and energy. It’s time for a whole new way of doing things. The things and people that have been with you through this cycle are the ones you need and want to stick to. You are going to find the energy that feeds that part of you that makes you feel complete about who you are. Nobody knows this better than you, and maybe one other person or so that you have risked showing yourself to. Show yourself under this lunar eclipse in your sign and you will find a complete rebirth of the area of your life that you want the most change. Time to embrace this change, Leo, and not resist it as the Fixed sign that you are. When you do, you find you will stick to this one for a nice long time.

Virgo – Karmic Change is Healing.

You are the easygoing roll with it change guy or gal that everybody loves, Virgo. No matter what you are doing, you will drop everything to help someone or put out a fire. When change arrives, you adapt, no matter the circumstance. Your change personality is one that stares at a drama bomb deadpan and you just get your hands in it without much emotion. It’s not that you aren’t feeling emotion, you just don’t share it as much because you don’t want to upset anyone or ruffle feathers. You tend to other’s emotions well though, and this pragmatic part of you is something everyone you love, loves. Just be sure not to let this part of you be taken advantage of, and be sure that you give yourself a chance to feel your way through change as well. It’s okay to show emotions once in a while and it will help you navigate eclipse change. The Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is happening in your twelfth house of change and will be more emotional than other ones. But this house is also a house of endings, and so this change is bigger than normal. The information coming to you is eclipsed right now, but you will get it soon enough. It will be a big one. And you have been waiting for this for a while. Just don’t be afraid to share those emotions and relief with those closest.

Libra – Group Expectations & Field of Dreams.

As the Cardinal sign of the Air signs, Libra, your motto is, if you build it, they will come. You dream big, and then you go after it. Simple. But sometimes the world sends a change your way that has you looking at a different perspective. The beauty of your Air sign nature is that you look at this rationally and don’t always react emotionally. Sometimes you do, but being ruled by the Justice card in Tarot, you work to see both sides of the situation. You get emotional when a Fixed sign issue crops up because some people are….loyal to their opinions and those opinions may differ from yours. You have a problem with that. Try not to. Under the Full Moon in Fixed sign Leo and lunar eclipse, information is coming out in your eleventh house of groups that is going to show you a perspective different from your existing one. You may have a difficult time finding harmony in that, but your groups and friendships and social connections will help you to see the light on this. This is also your house of big dreams! Embrace the change and one of those dreams you thought you had no control over is finally coming true! That’s how you will lead the change this time around, by embracing it even if it doesn’t look like what you wanted. It will, in due time.

Scorpio – All Eyes Are On You.

It’s your time to reap some karmic effects, Scorpio, one way or another. Change is something you resist, all of the time. Of all of the Fixed signs, you are the most resistant to change of any kind, and eclipse change is so emotional that you really struggle with it emotionally. But this Full Moon in Leo and lunar eclipse is happening in your tenth house of career destiny and public image. This means that you are being watched by admirers from afar, even if you don’t feel it. Your karmic bank needs to be squeaky clean right now. And there’s a situation you’ve been dealing with since the last Leo eclipse which occurred in August 2018. It’s coming full circle and you are getting the information that you want and deserve in this situation. You aren’t the one holding all of the cards now. You get a little obsessive sometimes and try to be the ones holding the cards and driving the change when you know it’s coming. But that’s not you this time. Accept that, and keep that karma clean, because this eclipse in your house of public image is sending a big change. It could be a work change or a reputation change. The end is not up to you this time, and there’s no point in getting emotional about that. You’ll have trouble with this, but embracing the truth is the only way to do it. It will be liberating when you do, and you could be seen quite favourably if you do. The truth sets you free now, Scorpio, in a very admirable way. This change is going to stick and you’re going to love it when you do. Get ready for your star to shine. Fly, baby fly.

Sagittarius – Think Big Picture.

You as the Mutable sign of the Fire signs are really going to enjoy this eclipse, Sagittarius. You are good with change to begin with. And this eclipse is happening in your ninth house, which is just where you want it and like it to change. A big matter is coming full circle, and this started last year under August 2018 eclipse in this same house. As a general rule, you are spontaneous and adventurous and you literally embrace change every chance you get. What’s next? Is your favourite philosophy. And the ninth house of big picture things is where your zodiac sign rules as well. So this change is going to be very comfortable for you, even if you don’t like the information that comes with it. Some emotions may crop up but remember that you are putting a long-awaited chapter to bed as well. So embrace the information that comes as the opportunity that you need for that next adventure. This is big picture stuff!

Capricorn – Your Rebirth Awaits.

You, as a rule, do not like secrets, Capricorn, and this Full Moon in Leo and lunar eclipse in your house of secrets and transformations is full of them. They are all coming out. These are matters that started last year in August, and the issue is coming full circle now. This is a good thing. As the Cardinal sign of the Earth signs, you will want to lead the changes, and also be very pragmatic and practical about them. That’s your eclipse personality style. Handle the change with your driven leadership, and put some roots into the ground with this change. This is all for the greater good, and you will see it unlike any other sign who will be more emotional about that. With this eclipse happening in your house of transformations, you will find a rebirth in this period. It’s a new day.

Aquarius – Transformed Relationships.

You are a Fixed sign, Aquarius, and the Fixed sign of the Air signs. As such, you are more rational than the other Fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. You think more than you feel at an Einstein-level. It’s a gift! But as such, change IS uncomfortable for you because you worry that these changes don’t rise to the level of your higher-level genius. You also like things the way you like them and don’t like that routine or structure shifted too much. You’re very committed to that and will fight over it. But you still lead with your head more than your heart. The changes ahead are emotional because they are coming with the Full Moon, which ends a chapter in an emotional way, just by nature of the Full Moon. Information is eclipsed from the picture right now, but soon will arrive that gives you an entirely new look. This eclipse is happening in your seventh house of love and partnerships, so a partnership in your life is going to experience a change and renewed information. This for you will likely come with a welcome relief, and you will be happy that a new day is finally upon you once and for all.

Pisces – It’s all in the Details.

You are a Mutable sign and the most emotional one of the Water signs, Pisces. But where Scorpio and Cancer show their hearts on their sleeves, you take yours to the cave. This can confuse the people that you love the most. But when it comes to eclipse change, you are usually good with it. You roll like the Mutable sign that you are, and even if you get emotional about it you aren’t likely to be open with those emotions. This Full Moon in Leo lunar eclipse is going to create lasting changes that are likely to be emotional. You will roll with it. This one is happening in your sixth house of details and health and so a little matter like a routine change or structure change is on its way to you. It could be a work-related change as well. It will bring a matter full circle that began last August. You may not see all of the changes for a few weeks, or months even. Some of that information is eclipsed from the picture now, and will arrive in due time. Try and be more open with those around you when it comes to this matter. That will make navigating this eclipse cycle so much easier for you.

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