Aquarius in a Relationship: Get Ready for an Adventure

Posted on January 24, 2020

Every sign has its quirks and particularities, but few, if any, are as quirky and fun as the Aquarius. People from this part of the calendar are always inquiring about new things, always trying new things and still looking for that next new thing. They’re never boring and they’re never going to settle for dull or predictable, as that’s not in their nature.

Aquarius have an attractive personality for friendships and social events, but what about an Aquarius in a relationship? How will he or she work with others of the same sign or those from different parts of the Zodiac? How do they approach relationships?

You should start by obtaining some information relating to the Aquarius zodiac sign overall. You’ll also find information below regarding how an Aquarius sees a relationship, what they like, what they don’t, who they match well with, who they don’t, and some general ideas to keep in mind.

About Aquarius

Aquarius is the wacky, crazy smart 11th sign of the zodiac, they are full of surprises, who looks like a water sign but is actually a fixed air sign. Rebellious, analytical and extremely innovative, Aquarius is that kooky, creative person we all immediately want in our social circle. Water signs are free spirits and arguably the friendliest of all the zodiac, making them very easy to get along with.

If you’re not a free spirit or someone who’s always ready to drop everything and veer off in a new direction, you may be thinking that the Aquarius relationship is not for you. That may be correct, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. People from different parts of the Zodiac who may not match up on a chart can and do have long and loving relationships if they’re willing to meet each other somewhere in the middle. It’s still all about the interpersonal dynamic.

I am a Taurus with a Gemini husband. Every compatibility calculator tells me we are a terrible match, and will drive each other crazy - and we do - but after 15 years and a lot of compromise, we’re still in it together! We all need to understand our light and shadow sides so we can master them, then make them work for us - and our partner.

Today we’re going to look at some key things to consider when you are looking at compatibility: what are your key traits and values that will be too big to overcome if your partner cannot understand and embrace about you?

Aquarius Pros in Love

One of the things that’s true of almost any Aquarius in a relationship is that he or she will make his or her partner feel completely special. That level of caring comes from the heart, and it’s never made-up or manufactured. Once an Aquarius commits to a relationship, that person is all-in, so the person he or she is involved with needn’t worry about fickleness or any games. In addition, the following characteristics found in an Aquarius add to the fun and fulfillment in any relationship:

  • You are highly altruistic - and care a lot about peopleI;
  • You are curious and highly imaginative
  • You are loyal and kind
  • You are extremely intelligent and the opposite of boring!

Aquarius Cons in Love

Just because an Aquarius is a truly caring person who makes his or her partner feel special, that doesn’t mean that he or she is going to shower his or her partner in affection. An Aquarius is not generally into public displays of such. Aquarius’ in a relationship also needs to feel that he or she still has the freedom to take on the next adventure, so if you make this person feel smothered, it’s not going to go well for very long. The Aquarius is also difficult when he or she disagrees with someone, and that can lead to conflicts. The traits below can create challenges for an Aquarius in a relationship:

  • You can come across as aloof, as you’re not demonstrative in your affection
  • You will not be constricted or bossed around
  • Your independence can make you stubborn when you disagree
  • You can be scattered and unfocused, lost on anything requiring details

Generally, air signs work best with fellow air signs or fire signs, as fire cannot exist without air. Air can work well with earth, but can also blow it to dust. Air turns to bubbles in water, needing to come to the surface to be freed. This isn’t universally true, but a good theory to start from. To dive further into this subject, check out this article to go into detail on this philosophy.

Independent Aquarius, you need someone who understands your need to feel free to make your own decisions, and that you are more inspired by a new book or a big idea than you are about holding hands and putting stock into a traditional Valentine’s Day. If you can find someone to accept all your wonderful idiosyncrasies, you will be happy as a clam, and challenged by your partner.

Most Compatible: Gemini, Sagittarius, Aries

Fellow air sign Gemini is a big dreamer like you! Their love of learning means they are bursting with information, stories and ideas, and they have a dislike of being tied down, just like you do. An Aquarius-Gemini relationship will be exciting, interesting and will likely see a mutual respect for doing your own thing, while staying loyal to each other.

In the bedroom, Geminis are very creative, and nothing turns on Aquarius like intelligence. There likely won’t be a lot of cuddling, but the longevity should be there, simply because you’ll keep coming up with new positions and experiments.

Fire signs Sagittarius and Aries would be a great pairing, as you’re both friendly, positive and vibrant and can get in trouble for the blunt delivery of news and ideas. Both will take on any challenge fearlessly, so if you come up with the ideas, Aries will find a way to take over when you aren’t sure how to get started - and will boldly forge ahead to make it happen.

Sagittarius, on the other hand, is more interested in discussing the ideas and dreaming about the future, so you’ll have a more cerebral and philosophical connection with the sign of the archer. Sagittarius needs freedom just as much as Aquarius does, so this could be a great match, combining personal freedom with a strong bond, based on mutual respect and confidence.

Aries likes to be in control as well, but they’re friendly as long as they get their way. In the bedroom, Aries is a passionate and athletic lover, and combined with your imagination, this should be an explosive combination! Sagittarius is up for experimentation, fearless and very, very confident. In the bedroom, this is probably the most adventurous pairing you can hope for!

Least Compatible: Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus

Earth signs Capricorn and Taurus are too routine for energetic, independent Aquarius - their big dreams and head in the clouds can be dragged down by the earth sign’s focus on responsibility and pragmatism. Unless they are very open-minded, earth signs want to keep their feet on the ground and may stifle Aquarius’ innovation with questions about how to realistically achieve goals.

Aquarius needs to let their imagination run wild - the important part is to stay excited, hopeful and open to possibility. Earth signs need to maintain structure and see that the fruits of their labor pay off down the road, or it’s a waste of time. One attractive thing to consider about earth signs is their self-sufficiency. Aquarius won’t need to take care of them.

Water sign Cancer can be shy and introverted, which Aquarius can understand, but they can also be emotionally needy, passive-aggressive and co-dependent, which goes against Aquarius’ desire to do their own thing and not be tied down. Cancer is devoted and supportive beyond most signs, but they will likely depend too much on Aquarius for them to feel well matched.


Regardless of whether you’re looking into the possibility of an Aquarius relationship because you’ve met someone or you’re just wondering, understanding the basic nature of this sign is always helpful. You never know who you’re going to meet next, so being able to put someone’s words, actions, attitudes, and reactions into context will provide you with needed wisdom and guidance.

Every sign has both positive and negative aspects, and there are so many possible combinations, it’s not a hard and fast rule to say one sign absolutely will or will not work together. Try our free Love Compatibility calculator to get an in-depth read on your existing or potential relationships.

To go into real detail about your love compatibility, having your birth charts done will reveal much more about your particular traits, as you need to consider what signs you have in each of your houses. For example, if you both have compatible signs in your 7th house of partnerships, your relationship and communication style will be more likely to work well together.

Your ascendant and moon signs play a role as well, and the same theory applies. Start doing your research and you’ll be amazed with what you discover!

* Editor’s note: This article was previously published January 21st, 2018 and has been updated for astrological accuracy.

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