Your Soul Speaks with Mercury in Scorpio

Posted on October 06, 2019

Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be leaving the sign of Libra to enter the mysterious sign of Scorpio on October 3rd. This transit will last until December 9 and bring with it a welcomed depth to our interactions. We want you to use this transit to the fullest by capturing the genius and the spiritually activated energy of Scorpio to walk in the direction of your life’s purpose. It’s going to be easier to be honest with yourself and to finally use your voice to step into the calling of your soul.

Instead of just getting lost in deep drama, get lost in deep spiritual healing. Scorpio can be manipulative when their intentions are not mindful so hold your tongue if you don’t have a higher purpose in saying what you feel the urge to say and keep your guard up if people seem to have an agenda behind their words. You can override the darker side of Scorpio by focusing your energy on positive goals which can be to let your soul intuitively lead your words and connect to others ‘soul to soul.’ Start to pay attention to why you speak during this transit and set your intention to be pure of heart and helpful to your friends.

Being the sign that controls electronics and technology, you may get a breakthrough idea about how to share your soul’s ideas to the world using a technology platform. You may create a website, start a YouTube channel or write an ebook. How does your soul want to share its love and express itself? Try an open-minded brainstorming session about this very question and you may stumble upon your own genius. After all, Scorpios tend to be more intellectually gifted.

How Does Your Soul Communicate?

Astrology allows you to see the personality traits and experiences your soul has chosen for this lifetime. Think of them as the tools needed to carry out your purpose. These tools are broken down into personal and transpersonal planets.

Your personal planets reflect your personality and individuality. These include:

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn

We call these the personal planets as they move somewhat quickly through the zodiac wheel and thus change signs often. For example, Mercury will transit a particular sign for about 15-60 days depending on retrograde cycles.

Your transpersonal planets reflect your experiences in the world and are indicators of your ever-changing journey. These include Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. We call these generational planets as they are in a particular sign for long periods of time so you would have generations that share a planet within a certain sign. For example, Neptune changes signs every 14 years.

The combination of personal and transpersonal planets in your birth chart is a beautiful representation of your soul and what your soul’s intentions are for this life. You can learn to work with these personality traits/tools to create a life with ease, joy, and abundance.

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Mercury in Scorpio:

Regardless of what sign Mercury falls within your birth chart, everyone will feel the effects of Mercury’s journey through Scorpio. Those with natal Mercury in Scorpio or another Water sign (Cancer and Pisces) will embrace it more so than most. This is because our communications during this transit will go deep into our emotions.

We will be leaving the mental energy of Libra and enter the emotional waters of Scorpio. Your mind will become overshadowed by your heart center. Basically, your soul will now be speaking. Superficial communications just won’t do during this transit. You want to go deeper into the connections with others and share the stories of your soul. You will seek out a means to share via technology and not be afraid to put it out there. We will also see this on a global level as well.

Braver souls will be coming forward to voice their truth as Mercury travels through Scorpio. This energy calls for us to dig into our truth and form a relationship with our power, to remove the walls that keep us hidden in the shadows. This would be a good time to look into various modalities of healing, especially ones that incorporate talk therapy.

We have Mercury retrograde during this transit through Scorpio. Mercury retrograde has us reviewing our patterns, revisiting people and experiences from the past. This is a cool time to look deeply into your own childhood experiences to find your fears and let them go once and for all. If you have a friend that is caring and likes to talk about deep healing, it would be a great time to get together with them during Mercury retrograde from October 31 to November 20. If your friends aren’t likely to want to talk about the heavier stuff, it’s a great time to book a clairvoyant session with a trusted spiritual adviser.

Closing Thoughts…

Mercury in Scorpio will bring about a change in how you communicate. It will help clear the way for your authenticity to shine. We had the chance to communicate what the mind wanted while in Libra, now it’s time to let the soul speak. Don’t be afraid to go deep as it is within the depths of ourselves we see the truth.

During this transit, you want to make sure you are aware of the other major astrological events being that you’re already going to be speaking so intensely and dramatic. We need to know which days are cueing us up for success and which days are best to lie low. Use our free daily horoscopes to get tuned-in to your soul’s radio station broadcasting from your highest self. You can also learn more about the astrology signs so that you can start to understand how the astrologers know what they know.

As the planets move through the signs, the areas of our lives they affect are colored by the traits of the signs they move through, making us feel a variety of energies. That’s why some days we are ambitious, while others we are distracted, some days we are sensitive and others we are more direct. All of the things we experience can be seen with more clarity when we know the signs and planets.

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