Your Weekly Astrology Overview June 10-16, 2019

Posted on June 10, 2019
Updated on November 02, 2020

A man is surrounded by magic.

Greetings, Earthlings!

We have a long-awaited slow and steady week from the Universe, friends. There are no major movements from the planets this week, and that will bring some calming energy into the mix this week.

Even the daily transits are rather quiet, although we do see Neptune bringing up some energy this week. Neptune is currently retrograde, and that means Neptune’s influences will primarily be internal this week. But that doesn’t mean that Neptune can’t influence our lives. Even when we perform internal work, it has a trickle effect in our daily living. We make different decisions, we do things differently in our daily lives, and we feel more fulfilled when our souls progress through internal work.

With Neptune, the dreamy planet of creativity, that means our internal work will manifest through dreams (either waking or in sleep), and in creativity.

This week we may dream more, paint more, dance more, sing more, or just be inspired to. Neptune energy is particularly potent this week towards the weekend, on Friday and Sunday. At the same time, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius arriving early in the week that follows. That means the Full Moon energy is beginning at the end of this week, around the same time that the Neptune work is in play.

Full Moons are about closing chapters, and that means over the next week or so you are going to see some big chapters come to a close. A job project could finish, a relationship could move from one plateau to another, or you may just wrap up something that has been on the backburner for a while. You also may just put something behind you that isn’t working, or let go of an old way of thinking or old patterns. All of that is next week, but this week that energy begins with Neptune influence this weekend.

Spend the better part of the week working on closing up some chapters. Finish projects, close up some business, think about letting go of what isn’t working in your life. Then, next week, watch it come full circle. You may want to invest in a dream journal as well this week, so you have some fresh pages to log all of your dreams and creative inspirations.

Until then though, enjoy this calm week from the Universe.

Planetary Locations During June 10-16, 2019:

Sun: Gemini (May 22, 2019 to June 20, 2019)

Mercury: Cancer (June 5, 2019, to June 27, 2019)

Venus: Gemini (From June 8, 2019, to July 3, 2019)

Mars: Cancer (May 16, 2019, to July 1, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020; Retrograde from April 29, 2019, to September 17, 2019)

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019, to August 19, 2021)

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024; Retrograde from April 24, 2019, until October 2, 2019)

Daily Snapshots for June 10-16, 2019:

Monday, June 10

Sun: Gemini – Lead with your head, listen to your heart, and make karmically clean choices.

Moon: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail can be productive, and provocative.


  • Sun (Gemini) opposite Jupiter (Sagittarius) – Here we have the Sun and Jupiter undergoing a slight disagreement with each other. This is compatible energy though with the Sun in airy Gemini and Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius. You can expect something in your life to move quickly today, and you can also enjoy the optimism and generosity that Jupiter is dealing out today. The Sun is shining a spotlight on an area of your life, and Jupiter is working to expand on that element. But Jupiter may also be putting the squeeze on today. Big money or love bonuses are possible now, but don’t overdo it. Even if you get a big money bonus today, saving is favored over spending. Pay your bills, but luxury items are best left for another day.

Tuesday, June 11

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Libra – When you serve as the gracious diplomat in all situations, you win.

Wednesday, June 12

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Libra

Thursday, June 13

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Scorpio – Pick one thing to work on today that will support a karmic rebirth.

Friday, June 14

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Scorpio


  • Mars (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) – This is the warrior planet working favorably with dreamy and creative Neptune. Both planets are in Water signs, so this is compatible energy. But Mars is fast-moving, and Neptune, well, just isn’t. So expect to see some passions and motivations crop up today. You may have some creative Neptunian ideas that Mars inspires you to act on. Love bonuses are in play today as well! Big ones! Enjoy the swooning, but prepare for some reality around the corner. Don’t make huge decisions based on swoony feelings today, because the facts of the situation may not be cropping up today, but they will soon enough.

Saturday, June 15

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.

Sunday, June 16

Sun: Gemini

Moon: Sagittarius

  • Mercury (Cancer) trine Neptune (Pisces) – This is communication and creativity doing a little bit of a dance under this favorable transit. Both Mercury and Neptune are in Water Signs right now, and you are feeling emotional and dreamy during this transit. You are also feeling inspired! Use feeling words today, whether you are communicating with someone, or pouring your heart out in art, dance, song, writing, or even a little text message to someone special. At work, you will be inspired to be creative. In love, you will be inspired to lead with your feelings. Embrace it!

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