Your Weekly Astrology Overview: September 2-8, 2019

Posted on September 02, 2019
Updated on November 25, 2020

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Greetings, Earthlings.

Woo hoo! If you made it through Summer and came out the other side relatively unscathed, then you can and should give yourself a big pat on the back for that. There was a lot of intense energy on the docket this Summer, starting out with an intense eclipse cycle in the first week of July.

Now, all is calm and quiet on the Universe’s front as Virgo season arrives. Virgo themes are being organized with a flawless attention to detail. Virgo also rules the health, your house of work, and the little things you do every day to stay organized and productive.

As of this week, we have the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Virgo, and even warrior Mars is in Virgo. And that means we have the energy, the drive, and the personality traits coming to the forefront to help us to succeed and pursue our goals. It’s an excellent time to get to work and begin manifesting some renewable resources! Show you the money, honey!

Your Sun in Virgo Review: Your 9-Point Checklist to Manifest Renewable Resources

For some zodiac signs, this slower energy doesn’t jive with our sadness that summer is over. But as you dive into that productivity, treat yourself to something just for you to reward yourself for making it through an emotionally intense Summer. A Mercury talisman or Circle of Luck necklace is the perfect treat, and spiritual tool, to take you into Fall.

There are a few favorable transits in the forecast this week with nothing much to report other than, it’s Virgo season! Favorable transits are going to have you feeling the glow of Virgo and the glow of the success that follows productivity.

Enjoy this practical and flexible energy, and use it to stay focused and organized when it comes to your goals. When you do, you will win!

To your success this week, Earthlings!

Planetary Locations During September 2–8, 2019:

Sun: Virgo (August 23, 2019 – September 23, 2019)

Mercury: Leo (August 11, 2019 – August 29, 2019); Virgo (August 29, 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Venus: Virgo (August 21 2019 – September 14, 2019)

Mars: Virgo (August 18, 2019 – October 4, 2019)

Jupiter: Sagittarius (Until December 2, 2019)

Saturn: Capricorn (Until March 22, 2020); Retrograde: April 29, 2019 – September 17, 2019

Uranus: Taurus (March 6, 2019 – August 19, 2021); Retrograde: August 19, 2019 – January 10, 2020

Neptune: Pisces (Until January 2026)

Pluto: Capricorn (Until October 12, 2024); Retrograde: April 24, 2019 – October 2, 2019

Daily Snapshots for September 2–8, 2019:

Monday, September 2

Sun: Virgo – Flawless attention to detail is productive and attractive.

Moon: Scorpio – Time for your rebirth and personal transformation!


  • Sun in Virgo conjunct Mars in Virgo – Here we have the beauty of the glorious Sun working favorably with passionate and warrior planet Mars. Both planets are in a conjunction in Virgo, and this is a favorable transit that is going to send you some excitement. But there’s a lot of energy going on here, even if the planets are in the pokey sign of Virgo. The Sun is very energized, and so is warrior Mars. You may be feeling like you are fit to be tied today, or you may just be a little more restless than usual. What you want to do today is look for clues that match your warrior vision. The Sun is shining on them! These won’t be subtle ones today. And when you find them, pursue them. There’s opportunity behind every door today. Follow the energy and not the tempers, and you may strike some golden opportunities when you do.

Tuesday, September 3

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Scorpio

Wednesday, September 4

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Scorpio

Thursday, September 5

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius – See the Big Picture in all things today.


  • Mercury in Virgo trine Saturn in Capricorn — Here we have communicator Mercury working favorably with Saturn and both planets are in Earth signs. This is a time of year where we are starting to increase productivity during what is traditionally a Harvest period for farmers. But productivity is increasing all over the globe, even in the Southern Hemisphere where it is not harvest time. That is because it is Virgo season. Virgo is all about that attention to detail. Mercury rules Virgo, and Saturn rules Capricorn, so already both planets are very comfortable where they are right now. And in this trine, the planets are giving each other a big thumbs up. This is some information coming your way with Mercury in the picture, and with Saturn in the picture here too the information and news are likely going to be rather serious, but not negative. Serious news can be anything from a job promotion to an offer on a home accepted. Some hard work that you have put forth is about to pay off. Enjoy the glow! And if nothing else, enjoy a little extra shot of productivity today.

Friday, September 6

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Sagittarius

Saturday, September 7

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Capricorn – Take the lead on a thing that you want to last.

Sunday, September 8

Sun: Virgo

Moon: Capricorn


  • Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn – This is the communicator planet working with the planet of transformation with both planets in the Earth signs. Information is coming today and this information has the potential to create a big change. With this energy being in a trine though, the information is most likely to be favorable. You may be the one that is communicating what needs to be communicated for the change. The kinds of change you may see here include good news in the mail that alters a pattern in your life, or it could be some information that changes your work schedule, or a little detail comes to light that changes a routine or work product. Pluto is also a power player, so there could be some intense energy in the picture. It’s hard to say who in your day will be making the power play, it could very well be you. Just be sure that anything you are taking the lead on is done so with authenticity and integrity. When you do, the change that arrives next is yours for the taking.

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