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How to Use a Crystal Healing Wand to Clear Your Third Eye Chakra

Remember Cinderella? At the beginning of her tale, she lets life happen to her. She doesn′t have a vision for her future and is... Read More »

Beneficial Thought: Sun in Cancer Breathes Nostalgia Into Summer Lovin’

It’s time to settle down my friends! The scattered Gemini energy is dissipating, and a slower moving love-front is heading right in. That would... Read More »

5 Books Cancers Won’t be Able to Put Down

Cancers are romantic, nostalgic, driven by emotion, intuitive, creative and inspired. If you were to enter the mind of a Cancer, you’d find a... Read More »

A Healing Crystal For Each Sign

Each zodiac sign has certain known weaknesses that can be improved upon to bring about a more well-rounded and self-aware person. If we are known... Read More »

You Won’t Believe How Many Planets are Retrograde Right Now!

First, let me allow you to take a big sigh of relief: Mercury is NOT retrograde! (At least, not right now.) However, just about everything... Read More »

Stone & Crystal Healing For Beginners - Featured from Daily Life!

Here’s the thing. If you want to try crystal healing, you have to approach it with an open heart and an open mind. The... Read More »

The Basics of Reading Birth Charts

If you want to understand the secrets of the stars, you start with your birth chart. Most people never get to see inside the time... Read More »

Traits & Characteristics of the Gemini/Cancer Cusp

It’s fun and enlightening to dive into our Sun sign and learn more about ourselves, discovering or confirming character traits and aspects of your... Read More »

How To Prepare for Neptune Retrograde

Neptune, the god of the sea, is linked to our dreams, imagination, and intuition. This planet, which can induce fantasy and escapism, is going retrograde... Read More »

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