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What Does the Moon in Libra Mean?

When the sign of the scales meets the enigmatic energy of the Moon, what does it mean for you? (And for us as a whole). In the Moon, we see some of our deepest depths — the… Read Full Article »

Mercury & Mars Are on the Move: Where Will They Take You This July?

Two of the inner planets are making moves astrologically…at the same time! Are you ready? Messenger Mercury and Warrior planet Mars shift into new signs only 21 minutes apart on… Read Full Article »

Manifest Emotional Transformation with the New Moon in Cancer

Have you been sensing an energetic or emotional shift lately? Cancer season is known not only for the emotional energy it brings but also the heightened intuition—which means… Read Full Article »

What Does the Moon in Capricorn Mean?

The Moon and her mysteriously palpable and influential energy must not be overlooked, especially when it comes to astrology. The Moon’s pull affects the ocean’s tides, the… Read Full Article »

Prepare for Neptune Retrograde in Pisces this Month

While we may feel familiar with Mercury retrograde—maybe even a bit too familiar—we often overlook the other planetary retrogrades that make an impact on our lives. And in the… Read Full Article »

Get Ready to Celebrate with the Super Full Moon in Sagittarius

Here comes the Full Moon in Sagittarius! It occurs on June 14th, 2022, and this Full Moon also happens to be a Super Full Moon! Full Moons occur when the transit (moving) Sun and… Read Full Article »

These Are the Transits You Need to be Aware of for the Second Half of 2022

The second half of 2022 is nearly here (holy cow this year is flying by!), and we’ve got some huge astrology to cover for the second half, so buckle up! Let’s review the most… Read Full Article »

What Does Mercury Direct in Taurus Mean for You?

Have you been metaphorically wringing your hands and pulling out your hair during the challenging, often stressful Mercury retrograde period we just experienced? While every… Read Full Article »

How to Embrace Change with the New Moon in Gemini

Hands up if you love the New Moon phase! If there is ever a time to start afresh and to burst with new ideas, as well as implement those ideas into reality, it would be during a… Read Full Article »

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