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What Does Uranus Direct in 2022 Mean for You?

First of all, what is Uranus all about? This is the planet that rules Aquarius so that you can expect a little bit of the unexpected, a little bit of the unusual, a little bit of… Read Full Article »

What You Didn’t Know About Mercury Retrograde: The Pre-Shadow & Post-Shadow Periods

There are subtle effects before and after Mercury retrograde that, if we are aware of them, can help us manage our expectations of when things will move forward and when blocks… Read Full Article »

Have You Heard of a Full Moon Hangover? Here’s What You Need to Know

Full Moons can be emotional experiences we all have to deal with every month. They’re strongest right around when they occur (the day before, of, and after), however, the impact… Read Full Article »

Which Planets are Going Retrograde in 2022 & Which Ones Are Not?

Happy 2022! With a new year, one of the things we have to focus on every year astrologically is retrogrades. So let’s explore what the 2022 retrogrades have in store for us and… Read Full Article »

10 Ways to Ignite Inspiration With Mercury in Aquarius

Do you feel excited about the possibilities of the upcoming year? Do you think your inspiration levels are high enough to reach your goals and dreams for 2022? And even if you… Read Full Article »

Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 27, 2021 - January 2, 2022

Have you been yearning for increased intuition, innovative conversations, and more focus? Then it’s time to get excited because your week is about to get more exciting than… Read Full Article »

4 Good Luck Rituals for Jupiter in Pisces

Jupiter is a happy planet that focuses on the good and brings us luck. It’s optimistic, it’s expansive, and it’s good-natured. Pisces is the last zodiac sign and connects… Read Full Article »

January Energy Forecast: You Need to Know About These Transits!

Something magical is happening this year, and it is essential to declare your dreams and desires, trust in your unique gifts, unleash your creative expression, and carry out your… Read Full Article »

Why You Need to Know About Sextiles, Trines, & Squares

Sun conjunct Mercury, Mercury trine Saturn in Capricorn…what does all of this mean? We often talk about our charts, synastry (comparison between two charts), and the aspects on… Read Full Article »

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