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What Does the Moon in Aquarius Mean?

While the Moon may not be considered a planet according to scientific communities, its status as a planet in astrology must not be ignored - the Moon’s effect on our moods down… Read Full Article »

What Does the Moon in Aries Mean?

In astrology, the importance of the Moon and its effect on our Earthly world down here cannot be understated. Did you know that the Moon’s energetic pull is strong enough to… Read Full Article »

Where is Taurus in Your Birth Chart?

Taurus season has kicked off with the Sun moving into this Earth sign. Taurus is sensual, indulgent, grounded, and secure, and is represented by the astrological bull. Even if… Read Full Article »

What Is Your Astrology Vertex & Why It’s So Important

Have you ever heard of the astrology Vertex? If you’ve been looking into spiritual astrology or anything with compatibility, you probably have since that’s generally what the… Read Full Article »

Do You Have Empty Houses in Your Birth Chart? Here’s What it Means….

Are you new to astrology? Maybe your curiosity made you dig your head into understanding how to read your birth chart? And slowly but surely, perhaps the following astrology… Read Full Article »

Where is Aries in Your Birth Chart?

It’s Aries season, Earthlings, which means Aries energy is strong right now. We’re more Aries at the moment: excited and energetic, taking initiative, and going forward with… Read Full Article »

What is a Stellium & What Does it Mean in Your Birth Chart

​There are some configurations in astrology that should be given extra attention, and one of those is a stellium. A stellium refers to when someone has at least three planets in… Read Full Article »

The Ultimate Guide to Reading Your Birth Chart Like an Astrologer

Have you heard the term natal chart or birth chart being thrown around lately!? What’s your initial/immediate reaction to this word? All you Astro geeks and amateur astrologers… Read Full Article »

Use the Power of Pisces & the 12th House to Handle Life’s Transitions

Pisces is the last of the zodiac signs. As the Sun makes its way into Pisces on February 18th, 2022, we also recognize that this sign coincides with the 12th house of the… Read Full Article »

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