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Your October 2022 Energy Forecast

​Welcome to the beautiful October, lovelies! This month starts the fourth and final quarter of 2022, which creates an encouraging and supportive environment of change and… Read Full Article »

Will You See Angel Number 999 this September?

Angel numbers have a way of catching our attention, don’t they? The appearance of repeating number sequences makes us pause even if we are having a hectic day. We can’t help… Read Full Article »

Don’t Miss Your September 2022 Energy Forecast

Welcome to the astrology of September, lovelies! We’re just coming out of the New Moon in Virgo, coasting through the energetic shifts of the summer. The month ahead comes… Read Full Article »

This Week’s New Moon is the Absolute Best for Manifestation

Are you ready for the motivating New Moon in Virgo? Hold onto your hats because this New Moon brings a rush of energy that flows in like a gust of ambitious wind. New Moons are… Read Full Article »

What is the Universe Trying to Tell You This August?

When you combine the Law of Attraction with astrology, you learn how to make it easier for the Universe to manifest and support your desires and dreams. Manifestation is… Read Full Article »

Try These 8 Ways to Use This Full Moon to Your Advantage

Full Moons…They have quite the reputation, don’t they? You may have even heard rumors about a surge in visits to the Emergency Room during the Full Moon– in fact, there was… Read Full Article »

Find Out Who to Block with August’s Full Moon in Aquarius

We have an Aquarius Full Moon coming up on August 11th. Aquarius is the zodiac sign that rules friendships. That means this Full Moon brings extra energy to our friendships. But… Read Full Article »

Read this August 2022 Energy Forecast

Welcome to August, lovelies! Although this month ushers in a mixture of energies, August is ultimately a spiritual powerhouse of 2022—full of activations, downloads,… Read Full Article »

You Need to Read Your Jupiter Retrograde Energy Forecast

Jupiter, the largest and most majestic of the planets, will begin its backward dance through the cosmos when it stations retrograde on July 28th, 2022, at 8 degrees Aries. The… Read Full Article »

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