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You Pulled The Judgement Tarot Card - Now What?

The second to final card of the Major Arcana, Judgment, appears right after the Sun and just before the last card, the World. We are close to the end of the Fool’s journey now.… Read Full Article »

Are You One of the Strongest Zodiac Signs? (Or the Weakest?!)

We’ve all crossed paths with someone and instantly felt intimated or influenced by their presence. You know those individuals whose energy captivates and dominates a room and… Read Full Article »

Use This Tarot Spread to Discover Your Passion

Tarot is a wonderful tool for exploring various aspects of self—and if you’re someone that feels pulled in different directions or is struggling to figure out where to devote… Read Full Article »

Which Zodiac Signs Can’t Keep a Secret?

Just like certain people are prone to gossip, certain zodiac signs can’t keep a secret. You know those people. You tell them something in confidence. Next thing you know,… Read Full Article »

What Does the Moon in Scorpio Mean?

The Moon and her mysteriously palpable and influential energy must not be overlooked, especially when it comes to astrology. The Moon’s pull affects the ocean’s tides, the… Read Full Article »

Where is Leo in Your Birth Chart?

With the Sun touring Leo and Leo Season in full swing, we’re all feeling a little more creative, romantic, and fun-loving. You don’t have to be a Leo to have this energy in… Read Full Article »

Which Zodiac Signs Are the Most Powerful? (And Which Are Not!)

Have you ever considered: Are you a power sign? Undeniably, each zodiac sign is powerful in their own way. Yet, in this article, we’re going to narrow down what the most… Read Full Article »

What Does the Moon in Libra Mean?

When the sign of the scales meets the enigmatic energy of the Moon, what does it mean for you? (And for us as a whole). In the Moon, we see some of our deepest depths — the… Read Full Article »

You Pulled the Empress Tarot Card - Now What?

The Empress is one of those cards that everyone likes to see in a reading! There’s something comforting and nurturing about the sight of The Empress. The maternal energy this… Read Full Article »

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