Mercury Retrograde Articles

Mercury Retrograde is Entering Virgo: Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

There’s a good chance that you’ve heard the phrase, “Mercury is in retrograde.” If you’re familiar with astrology, you may already know that when a planet is retrograde,… Read Full Article »

Your Key to Survival: Read this Mercury Retrograde Forecast Report

It’s official! The cosmic messenger—Mercury—stations retrograde on September 9th, in Libra, for the third time this year, which means that we will be experiencing… Read Full Article »

Mercury Just Went Retrograde: Find Out What it Means for Your Sign

Buckle up, folks – It’s that time of the year yet again. It’s this year’s third but not last Mercury retrograde, occurring in Libra, and bound to bring us chaos and… Read Full Article »

Your Sign’s Weekly Tarotscope for May 9 - 15, 2022

Have you been missing the strange whims and stirrings of Mercury retrograde? Ready or not, we’re buckling in for it this week, as Mercury goes retrograde on the 10th. That’s… Read Full Article »

How to Stay Optimistic With Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

We all tend to be familiar with the ever-looming (and perhaps dreaded) existence of Mercury retrograde. But are you ready for its double-barreled transit through… Read Full Article »

Your May 2022 Energy Forecast

May 2022 will be one of the busiest and pivotal months this year as we make our way through major cosmic events, retrogrades, the Pleiadean portal, and a dynamic Eclipse season… Read Full Article »

These 5 Zodiac Signs Need to Watch Out When Mercury Goes Direct in Capricorn

It’s time to think about the long-term and how we think of some good plans to get us on the path to our dreams! When Mercury turns direct in Capricorn, powerful energy… Read Full Article »

What You Didn’t Know About Mercury Retrograde: The Pre-Shadow & Post-Shadow Periods

There are subtle effects before and after Mercury retrograde that, if we are aware of them, can help us manage our expectations of when things will move forward and when blocks… Read Full Article »

Which Planets are Going Retrograde in 2022 & Which Ones Are Not?

Happy 2022! With a new year, one of the things we have to focus on every year astrologically is retrogrades. So let’s explore what the 2022 retrogrades have in store for us and… Read Full Article »

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