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You NEED These 6 Essential Crystals for Libra Season

Libra season is upon us, bringing with it a Libran sense of balance and sociability, an appreciation for beauty, truth, and justice, and an air of love. Libra is ruled by the… Read Full Article »

Which Zodiac Signs Can’t Keep a Secret?

Just like certain people are prone to gossip, certain zodiac signs can’t keep a secret. You know those people. You tell them something in confidence. Next thing you know,… Read Full Article »

What Does the Moon in Scorpio Mean?

The Moon and her mysteriously palpable and influential energy must not be overlooked, especially when it comes to astrology. The Moon’s pull affects the ocean’s tides, the… Read Full Article »

Where is Leo in Your Birth Chart?

With the Sun touring Leo and Leo Season in full swing, we’re all feeling a little more creative, romantic, and fun-loving. You don’t have to be a Leo to have this energy in… Read Full Article »

Where is Taurus in Your Birth Chart?

Taurus season has kicked off with the Sun moving into this Earth sign. Taurus is sensual, indulgent, grounded, and secure, and is represented by the astrological bull. Even if… Read Full Article »

The Ultimate Guide to Reading Your Birth Chart Like an Astrologer

Have you heard the term natal chart or birth chart being thrown around lately!? What’s your initial/immediate reaction to this word? All you Astro geeks and amateur astrologers… Read Full Article »

Do You Have Pisces in Your Birth Chart?

Last but certainly not least of the zodiac, sweet and sensitive Pisces is not a sign you’ll want to overlook in your birth chart. That’s right: even if you haven’t related… Read Full Article »

Annual Profection: All About Astrology’s Best Kept Secret

Predictive astrology can be used to look at what’s coming for you astrologically, and one of the more straightforward methods is the use of annual profections. Annual… Read Full Article »

Do You Have Aquarius in Your Birth Chart?

People-focused, Airy, and the humanitarian heart of the zodiac, we could all use a bit more Aquarius energy in our lives. Whether or not you are aware of your Aquarius energy,… Read Full Article »

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