January 2022 Astrology Calendar

This astrology calendar outlines all of the major astrological aspects for 2022, helping you plan for the year!

You'll find the major planetary transits, retrograde periods, all phases in the lunar cycle including New moons, Full Moons, and Quarter moons, zodiac sign changes, as well as what it all means for you this month.

Note: this calendar uses the Eastern time zone.

  • Favorable or Major Transit

  • New Zodiac Season

  • Retrograde

  • Moon Events

January 2022 Astrological Transits

Any transit below that is bolded is also a notable and powerful one.

Sun in Capricorn Trine Uranus in Taurus

There can be a strong desire to do things in unconventional ways, and you can focus on what allows you to step outside of your comfort zone.

Moon Enters Capricorn

You can be more practical with your approach to your goals and plans and try to work on being realistic.


Mercury Enters Aquarius

New ideas for projects and exciting opportunities may come your way. Embrace the new.

New Moon in Capricorn

Focus on your goals and what you’d like to achieve. If there’s something you’d like another chance with, this may be the best time to go for it.


Moon Enters Aquarius

The time to continue to open yourself up to new routines, possibilities, and ideas is now.


Moon in Aquarius Conjunct Saturn in Aquarius

Focus on the direction you’re going in and where you want to ultimately be. Make changes as needed.


Moon Enters Pisces

The world takes on an elusive, dreamy feeling. Even in practical matters, run with your imagination.

Venus in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Compassionate energy can be strong. Help those you care for, and be understanding.


Moon in Pisces Sextile Uranus in Taurus

Be true to yourself and what makes you unique. Your quirks are an asset.


Moon in Pisces Sextile Pluto in Capricorn

Look within to find the power you need to get through. Empower yourself.


Moon Enters Aries

Emotions become excitable, passionate, and creative. Go for what you want.

Sun in Capricorn Conjunct Venus in Capricorn

Be affectionate and spend time with others. Connect and find common ground.


First Quarter Moon in Aries

This can be a time for action and taking initiative for what you want to achieve. Make use of excitement.

Moon in Aries Sextile Saturn in Aquarius

Clarity on where you should go and what your responsibilities truly are emerges.


Moon Enters Taurus

A grounded, sensual, and stable energy washes over our emotional state. Continue to make and take practical steps in your plans.

Sun in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

If you’re feeling creative, let yourself use it in a practical way.


Mars in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

Motivation to do what we wish to accomplish may suddenly feel halted. Make use of imaginative and intuitive energy instead.


Moon Enters Gemini

You may feel more intellectually driven, curious, and emotionally easily changeable.


Moon in Gemini Square Jupiter in Pisces

An outgoing and communicative spirit takes over self-expression.


Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius Begins

Restlessness in what you want and how you wish to express it may take over your impulses. Find patience and ground yourself in what you know to be true.

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Moon Enters Cancer

Your emotions feel softer, intuitive, and focused on your inner circle of loved ones.


Sun in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

You may feel called to pursue opportunities that bring forth self-transformation and growth.


Full Moon in Cancer

This is a transit for deep intuition and emotional work. Allow yourself to feel deeply. Make use of creativity as this may surge now.

Moon Enters Leo

You can feel more affectionate and may want to be with those you love most or do the things you love most.


Uranus Direct in Taurus

Changes that have been lurking beneath the surface may finally break through. With some fire and passion lighting up the sky, emotions may run high in the meantime.


Sun Enters Aquarius

Fortune favors innovation, rebellion, and changemakers. Be bold and proud.


Moon Enters Virgo

You may wish to find practicality and organization within your emotional space.


Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus in Taurus

Practical and grounded, but innovative and effective changes may be made.


Moon Enters Libra

You may seek balance, diplomacy, and peace in your connections with others, as well as within yourself.


Sun in Aquarius Conjunct Mercury in Aquarius

This transit unlocks fortuitous emotional flow and potentially exciting interactions. Unexpected surprises may delight you.


Mars Enters Capricorn

Desires and emotions become intense and driven. Make plans and take action to succeed.

Moon Enters Scorpio

Passionate energy can run high emotionally, and this can be used productively if channeled properly.


Mercury Retrograde Enters Capricorn

Old issues may come back in the pursuit of goals and long-term plans. Think about old goals that could benefit from a second chance or revisions.

Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio

This can be a time to dig deeper and understand what has come to pass. Your intuition can be strong.


Moon in Scorpio Trine Neptune in Pisces

Artistry and sensitivity bubble to the surface. Be kind to yourself and find a creative outlet.


Moon Enters Sagittarius

This is a time for philosophical contemplation and questions. Allow yourself to be curious and open-minded.


Mercury in Capricorn Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

When you see the need for change, you may feel called to instantly share. Be the harbinger of transformation when needed.


Venus Direct in Capricorn

Previous roadblocks in love may clear. You can move forward with practical and tangible steps in love, romance, and your interpersonal connections.

Moon Enters Capricorn

Where you’re going and how you’ll get there can be of focus now. Consider your options carefully.


Sun in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

You feel pulled toward independent thinking and action.


Moon in Aquarius Square Uranus in Taurus

Resist the urge to rebel. Instead, find a positive way to create changes and achieve independence.

Moon Enters Aquarius

Moving toward the future can be positive when you do your homework first. Be smart.