The DRAGON of the chinese zodiac

A red dragon symbol
Years 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024
Element Earth
Ying Yang Yang
Lucky Colours Gold, silver, gray
Lucky Numbers 1, 6, 7
Crystal Rose Quartz
Flowers Bleeding Hearts
Characteristics Eccentric, kind, responsible, innovative
The Legend of the Dragon

The fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac is occupied by the mighty and powerful Dragon.

According to legend, the Jade Emperor was rather bemused when he discovered that the Dragon – whose vast wings meant he did not have to face the same obstacles as the land animals during the Chinese Zodiac Race – turned up in fifth place after the Rabbit. Surely with the skills and speed he possessed, the Dragon would have come first?

“What happened to you?” asked the Jade Emperor as the Dragon came swooping through the air towards the finishing line.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness,” replied the Dragon. “As I was flying here, I came across a village which had a circle of fire surrounding it. I couldn’t leave them to die so I used my breath to put out the flames. I had to be careful as I didn’t want to blow away the villagers too! I also saw a little rabbit struggling on a raft across the river and I blew him to safety.”

The Jade Emperor smiled. This was the true and noble character of the Dragon and, in a way, coming in fifth was even better than coming in first.

Year of the Dragon Personality Traits

Bold, powerful and confident, Dragons are revered in China and said to wear the Horns of Destiny, meaning that they are destined for power and greatness. Responsibility comes early for this sign and there may be a tendency to take a lot on their shoulders. But this is only because Chinese Zodiac Dragons have the strength and fortitude to take on more than the average person. Very often, these people can be found in positions of leadership, whether in their careers, businesses, campaigns and even in their relationships with others.

The Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac is absolutely bursting with energy. Their ability to capture a crowd is quite extraordinary. Others respect and admire them for their passion, for the Dragon has a unique ability to stir up passions in even the most docile person. See that person standing at the top of a hill, speaking in a loud, dramatic voice about ongoing corruption? Probably a Dragon! See that individual on TV exposing the problems of society, the country, and just generally the world? Most likely a Dragon!

Things are never dull or boring with these fire-breathing trailblazers. Indeed, they can be demanding, egotistical, bossy and overly eccentric – but that doesn't stop them from having loads of admirers! People admire those who stand out in the crowd and the Dragon certainly doesn’t lack in this. The Dragon is typically aristocratic and proud, setting high standards for themselves and others. If you have a cause to fight for or a dispute to settle, you would certainly want a Dragon on your side, for their fiery energy and intense determination to see you succeed makes them one of the best allies to have.

Dragons speak their minds and are not known for mincing their words. Unlike more demure characters such as the Rabbit, Dragons find it difficult to be civil at times. It is much easier for them to be outspoken and rude. However! Being rude and outspoken back is not advised, for a Dragon will keep ratcheting up the rudeness until someone ends up badly burnt (and usually it won’t be them!) Likewise, it’s best to never anger a Dragon, who’ll huff, puff, and blow your house down. Really, being on the receiving end of a Dragon’s temper can be quite traumatic so it is best to stay out of their way when they fly into a rage!

The Dragon does need to be careful of being fanatical in their views. Of all the Chinese Zodiac signs, they are the most likely to develop an obsession with power. If they allow their egos (which, like the Tiger and Rooster, can be enormous) to get out of control, Dragons may lose their innate noble and heroic instincts and turn into complete tyrants. They would benefit from wise friends or family who are not afraid to speak their minds, letting them know that they need to remind themselves of their true purpose.

In the Chinese Zodiac legend, the Dragon saved the lives of multiple villagers and helped the Rabbit cross to shore safely. He did not burn the villages down or blow the Rabbit into the water. This is the fundamental life lesson of the Dragon. With great power comes great responsibility, and Dragons must use their power for benevolence, not malevolent ambitions.

In the home, Dragons are loving and protective people. Their zealousness can sometimes be quite tiring for their more placid family members, but though they may feel worn out at times, they feel deep pride for their passionate scaly relative. Dragons must always have special missions in life. This is the leader who fights for a noble cause or the one-man-army that seeks to right the wrongs of the world.

The world would indeed be a very dull place without Dragons.

The Year of the Dragon & Love

The Dragon female is strong-willed and strong-minded. When she likes someone, she usually doesn’t hesitate to let them know! Confident and bold, Dragon ladies are not easily put off by rejection or disinterest (which, in her case, rarely happens as others are very much dazzled by her confidence). However, she will not go out of her way to choose a love interest. “Their loss!” she’ll think to herself, and rightly so!

It is very important for the Dragon lady to be respected by her love interest. Without that respect – ideally, a mutual one – the relationship is doomed to fail. Anyone who tries to dominate or overpower her will swiftly be shown the door. She benefits most from a partner who is strong and stable, who respects her but is not afraid to speak their mind when they feel she is doing something wrong.

The Dragon male usually either marries young or not at all. Known as the quintessential eligible bachelor, the Dragon male is rarely without admirers or followers. He is not very interested in frivolous partners. Above all, he likes his partner to have a good brain on them! As someone very passionate and dedicated to his chosen cause or profession, his ideal partner would have to be understanding of this and realise they can never quite fully claim his full attention. But the Dragon is a loyal and appreciative soul and will find other ways to make his beloved feel appreciated.

Whether male or female, the Chinese Zodiac Dragon in love is an exciting and passionate partner – if it is fireworks and passion you seek, this is the Chinese Zodiac sign for you!

Dragon Love Compatibility

The Dragon is part of the First Trine in the Chinese Zodiac, a group of three animals that are mostly known as doers and achievers. Because of their shared interests and attributes, the Dragon is most compatible with the other two animals in this Trine, the Rat and Monkey – especially the Monkey!

The Monkey is quite irresistible to the Dragon with their wit and cunning charm. The Monkey, likewise, deeply admires the Dragon’s majestic qualities. As a team, they are the ultimate power couple. Similarly, the Rat and Dragon make a great partnership due to the Dragon’s indomitable strength and the Rat’s crafty shrewdness. This is a pairing that can achieve great things, both for themselves and their communities.

The Dragon is least compatible with the Dog, and vice versa. In the Circle of Conflict, the Dragon and Dog stand on opposite sides to one another, highlighting their often irreconcilable differences. Dogs are great believers in fairness and equality for all; Dragons, on the other hand, believe in hierarchy, usually with themselves at the helm. The Dragon will come under the Dog’s scrutiny, while the Dog is a cynical character who is not swayed by the Dragon’s charms as other signs are. The Dog is intolerant of the Dragon’s ego, which the Dog views as very different to the Tiger’s ego. A Tiger’s ego can indeed be challenging to deal with, but there is a deep sensitivity there which the Dog can relate to. The Dragon, however, is not the deepest person around and because of this, the Dog sees only blustering ego. Needless to say, this is not a match made in heaven!

The Year of the Dragon & Career

Chinese Zodiac Dragons are highly adaptable and can fit in easily to pretty much any role, but they thrive when they are able to lead and exert their influence in its greatest form. Dragons like to succeed, so whatever profession they choose they are guaranteed to make it to the top.

With their excellent people skills and flamboyant gestures, Dragons make excellent lawyers, able to state their case effectively in a hall chock full of people. They also make excellent architects, putting their thirst for curiosity and eagerness into discovering new and exciting things to show the world. They also make wonderful entrepreneurs, artists, politicians and photographers.

In the business world, Dragons can usually be found in CEO positions or as public relations executives. Dragons have incredible people skills and they thrive when able to put this to good use!

The Year of the Dragon & Money

Dragons are not spendthrift, but neither are they penny-pinchers such as the Rat. In fact, Dragons fall somewhere into a healthy in-between. While not typically willing to splash out on unnecessary luxury, they are happy to treat loved ones to an evening out at their favourite restaurant. They are not shopaholics of any sort, but when a Chinese Zodiac Dragon does splurge on something particularly shiny, they will keep it close to them, in mint condition, for years and years to come.

Though driven to succeed, Dragons are not motivated by money so much as they are motivated by power. Money is simply a welcome bonus. But the Dragon’s desire for success stems from wanting to make a true difference around him or herself, ensuring that they are the true masters of their kingdom. The Dragon will not usually want for money and they are good at managing their finances as they are not prone to impulse buys. The Dragon is also a generous creature, more than willing to help out a friend in need who asks for it.

The Dragon Through the Elements

A grey dragon symbol
Metal Dragon
1940, 2000

The most strong-willed of all the Dragons, Metal Dragons are truly a force to reckon with. With their very high code of conduct and set of morals, Metal Dragons are akin to Medieval Knights who would rather die than break their code of dishonour.

A dramatic character with flair, as soon as this Chinese Zodiac Dragon walks into a room, people know about it. A naturally combative person, they have little patience for foolish individuals and will seek out people who are on the same intellectual and dynamic level as they. The Metal Dragon has a tendency to intimidate others and, if this stems out of control, can descend into bullying.

This is an incredible warrior, the type that people look to in times of hardship or struggle. They will fight to the death to uphold their code of conduct and protect the weak and vulnerable. A truly noble character, they will go where angels do not dare tread. This Dragon must keep an eye on their fanaticism, however, as this can get out of hand if they are not careful.

A blue dragon symbol
Water Dragon
1952, 2012

The Water Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac is not as boisterous as their contemporaries and is willing to cast aside their own ego for the greater good. A patient Dragon who is willing to wait for results rather than blast through and demand them, Water Dragons are the most forgiving of all Dragons and will not seek revenge if they have been thwarted.

The Water in this Dragon helps to ground and calm them so they do not get carried away with their abundance of fire. They are excellent diplomats and negotiators and can see the bigger picture when others fail to.

Sometimes, the Water Dragon may find themselves agonizing over decisions which can be their downfall. There can be a tendency to dip their fingers into too many pies, and this can be to their detriment.

A brown dragon symbol
Wood Dragon
1964, 2024

The most creative of all the Chinese Zodiac Dragons, these are the mad professor type of geniuses, who shout ‘Eureka!’ after having an explosive idea and then rush to share it with the rest of the world.

The Wood Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac is a true explorer and inventor. No matter what area of life takes their interest, exploration and intrigue is always at the heart of it. They make excellent teachers and usually excel at academics. But even those who choose not to go down the path of academia will excel at their chosen subject of interest.

This Dragon is not as fierce as the others and also highly generous; however, like all Dragons they do have an ego and essentially everything will be weighed up against their own ego, calculated as to how much their endeavors may benefit them.

A orange dragon symbol
Fire Dragon
1976, 2036

This is the most demanding and outspoken of all the Chinese Zodiac Dragons, as their fire brings extra heat and passion. The Fire Dragon is quite a character to behold! Their energy and drive are second to none and if anyone knows how to get things done, it is them.

However, this Dragon must be careful not to appear too condescending towards their contemporaries. There may be an arrogant aura about them which has others turning away in distaste. If the Fire Dragon can learn to temper this aspect of their ego, they will make extraordinary leaders who others will follow into the darkest abyss.

The Fire Dragon of the Chinese Zodiac is highly humane, noble and warm-hearted, determined to root out the evils of the world so that everyone may live a happy, prosperous life. Sometimes, the methods with which they do it may be questionable to others, but no one can doubt this Dragon’s great and astronomical spirit.

A green dragon symbol
Earth Dragon
1928, 1988

A conventional and sociable Chinese Zodiac Dragon, the Earth Dragon is the one who tends to play by the rules. They can be a bit controlling at times, but this is due to the desire for ensuring everything and everyone around them runs smoothly. They still have an urge to subjugate others to a degree, but their approach to this is different to the other fiery elements. Logic and reason will be employed when they aim to get what they want.

This is a Dragon not prone to losing their temper. Able to see all sides of the argument is a gift they possess. However, this does not mean they are willing to cave in any less than other Dragons.

Brave and strong, though in a quiet manner, Earth Dragons command respect from those around them; though they have a good grasp on any outbursts, they will still retaliate if threatened so it is best not to test their patience!

Famous People Born in the Year of the Dragon

  • Martin Luther King
  • Bruce Lee
  • John Lennon
  • Al Pacino
  • Joan of Arc
  • Mae West
  • Shakira
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Shirley Temple
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Salvador Dali
  • Charles Darwin
  • Vladimir Putin
  • Adele
  • Rihanna
  • Rupert Grint
  • Raquel Welch
  • Orlando Bloom

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