The PIG of the chinese zodiac

A red pig symbol
Years 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031
Element Water
Ying Yang Yin
Lucky Colours Yellow, grey, brown
Lucky Numbers 2, 5, 8
Crystal Ruby
Flowers Hydrangea
Characteristics Sincere, cheerful, persevering, brave
The Legend of the Pig

The twelfth and final sign of the Chinese Zodiac is the warm, good-natured and gallant Pig.

During the original Chinese Zodiac race where twelve animals competed for a spot in the Jade Emperor’s calendar year, the Pig started the race with the best intentions in mind, determined to give it his all. Unfortunately, being one of the least active and slowest of animals, the Pig soon fell far behind, lagging in last place, his usual optimism turning to despair.

The Dog came back to help him and the two pressed on. Despite the Dog’s kind words of encouragement, the Pig was utterly exhausted. Many times, he felt like giving up as the end just seemed impossible.

But the Pig ploughed on, huffing and puffing, and just as it seemed he would collapse with fatigue, the two made it across the finishing line.

The Jade Emperor was very pleased with the Pig; he may have come last, but the race had been more challenging for him than any of the others. So, the fact that he made it to the end at all was a major accomplishment.

"Well done," said the Jade Emperor, smiling at him. And with that, the last position in the Chinese Zodiac was filled.

Year of the Pig Personality Traits

Those born in the year of the Pig are truly pleasant and courageous people whose honesty and child-like innocence are both admired by and bemusing to others. Like the Pig in the Race Legend, this character will strive on to the end, no matter how much they feel like quitting. There is great determination to this type of individual and because of their pure hearts and genuine souls, people born in the Year of the Pig tend to have greater luck or fortune than others.

Pigs are simply nice people. This is a Yin sign, and generating kindness and fortitude in the external world. They seek harmony between all individuals, a typical trait of animals in the Fourth Trine. This is not to say that Pigs do not engage in conflict - they do! But they will rarely hold a grudge and certainly not seek any form of revenge. After everything has been said and done, the Pig will seek compromise and forgiveness between all parties involved.

Because Pigs are so trusting, they can often be magnets for more nefarious types who use their good nature for their own advantage. Unlike the Dog, who is a deeply suspicious character, the Pig opens their heart to all and sundry. If they find they are betrayed in some way, the Pig can remain in denial for many years. A betrayal of trust or discovery that someone they trusted wasn't who they appeared to be can also bring out the Pig's negative aspects.

The Chinese Zodiac Pig's pursuit of pleasure and desire to drown out any uncomfortable emotions can manifest in the use of alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling or rampant shopping sprees. These are, of course, simply methods of burying the Pig's deep wounds. When they find themselves engaging in short-term pleasures which bring long-term repercussions, it is helpful for Pigs to take a long, objective look at themselves in order to heal.

The Pig is an excellent diplomat and mediator. They can often see all sides of the story and empathize with everyone's point of view. Because of this, the Pig is often seen as a friend to all. This is a loyal character who does not have a bad word to say about anyone; they do not engage in backbiting or underhanded scheming; indeed, such activities are bewildering to them as they cannot understand why anyone would behave in such a manner.

The Pig may seem a bit soft and mushy on the outside to some, but there is great strength and resilience within. They do not seek the limelight like Dragons and they do not boast of their strength like Tigers. Instead, the Pig works quietly in the background, almost to the point of going unnoticed. It is only if they should disappear that it becomes apparent just how crucial the Pig's strength truly is.

Pigs tend to have short fuses, but because of their intense dislike of conflict, they will learn quite early on to curb their temper and instead resort to diplomatic means to make ends meet. They are generous souls and can often be found engaging in charitable events. The Pig is the archetype of the Good Samaritan, their doors always open to the needy or less fortunate. Gladly would the Pig provide food, warmth and comfort to lost souls and those who are struggling.

The all-around good nature of the Pig means they are a sign very in tune with the karmic aspect of life; fortune favors them because of the positive thoughts and vibes they send into the world.

However, the Pig sees generosity as a two-way thing. This is why the Pig won't think twice about raiding your fridge, using your phone, watching your Netflix, or borrowing your kitchenware. This may seem quite outrageous to people who have invited a Pig into their home only to find their fridge stripped bare as though a thief had raided it. But the Pig, with wide-eyed innocence, would be utterly shocked if you reprimanded them for it since they would not hesitate to do the same for you.

Pigs' own worst enemies are themselves. Though they are indeed good-hearted, sweet and kind, when they lose control they can become self-destructive. When they are pushed to the limit, they can respond very viciously in the heat of the moment. But, for a Pig to act in this way they would have been hurt very badly. Pigs tend to have trouble saying no and this can bring frustration in the long-term. Their gullibility is something they must keep in check.

Overall, the Pig is a wonderful friend and one of the kindest animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Their honesty, integrity and desire to do good truly helps make the world a better place.

The Year of the Pig & Love

Pigs desire simple relationships with people who enjoy creature comforts just as much as they do. This includes good food, pleasant evenings together and jovial conversation.

When male Pigs set their sights on the object of their desire, they will be honest and simple in their affections. Pigs’ only flaw may be that they will treat their beloved to everything they like, as opposed to what their partner prefers. The Pig will escort their date to their favorite restaurant, make them watch their favorite film, engage them in their favorite topic of conversation. This would seem selfish and self-absorbed to any outsider, but the Pig genuinely believes that their love interest adores (or will adore) the exact same things. It is with genuine astonishment when they realize this may not always be the case.

Female Pigs are very modest and usually react with delight and appreciation when admirers wish to court them. A lady Pig can admire someone from afar for many years and be content living in her daydreams. This is the person who secretly fancies their boss but would never dare tell them, or has a crush on the local shop assistant. When in a relationship, the Pig lady is entirely devoted and very giving; she aims to please.

All in all, people born in the year of the Pig are genuine and devoted lovers who dispense great time, energy and love into the object of their affections.

Pig Love Compatibility

The Pig is a member of the Fourth Trine in the Chinese Zodiac and therefore is most compatible with other animals in the same trine, which are the Rabbit and Goat. These animals believe in harmony and peace among all living people.

The Pig will enjoy the company of the Rabbit who will bring pleasantry and refinement to the relationship; the Rabbit will likewise appreciate the Pig’s good sense of humor and enjoyment of all things pleasurable.

The Pig will also adore the Goat’s desire for peace and prosperity, just as the Goat will enjoy the Pig’s positive outlook on things. A match with either of these animals brings forth a harmonious, happy partnership which is rarely marred with arguments or conflict.

The Pig also shares a special affinity with the Dog due to their special partnership during the original Chinese Zodiac race. The Pig will love the Dog for their protective nature, as well as their ability to sniff out untrustworthy characters, just as the Dog will adore the Pig for their genuine warmth and kindness. This is the type of relationship you would see where one partner is much older than the other and adopts a fatherly/motherly role in the relationship.

The Pig is least compatible with the Snake. In the Circle of Conflict, the Pig and Snake stand on opposite sides to one another. The Pig’s fixed element is water, the Snake’s is fire. The Snake considers the Pig’s open and trusting manner to be very naïve, while the Pig dislikes the Snake’s secretive and cynical attitude. The two of them are unlikely to find harmony and a match is ill-advised.

The Year of the Pig & Career

Chinese Zodiac Pigs are not competitive individuals and therefore thrive best in roles where they can be pleasant with others and put their inherent qualities of good-naturedness and kindness to good use. As such, they thrive as teachers or vets, especially the latter, as Pigs are very fond of animals. They enjoy work as gardeners, butlers and maids, for they enjoy being of service to others.

Pigs also very much enjoy jobs and careers in the food industry due to their love of good food. They make very good chefs and bakers, and pride themselves on delivering quality food to their customers. As a creative sign, they also enjoy painting, sketching and writing.

The Year of the Pig & Money

The Pig is perhaps the most generous sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Every penny they have is shared with others unconditionally. Chinese Zodiac Pigs are also the most likely to donate monthly to charities and have trouble walking by beggars on the street. They are also inclined to believe every sob story that reaches their ears, seeing money as a means to help put things right.

Because of their overly generous and gullible nature, Pigs are also most likely to fall victim to scams. The Pig is the sort of person who will fork out thousands for someone who will string them along with lies and deceit, only to discover in the end that they’ve been robbed of every penny. This can lead to bankruptcy for the Pig, who would be utterly devastated if they find their trust has been abused in such a way.

However, due to the karmic aspect of this sign, they will most often recover from financial hardships and money will find its way to them again one way or another. They aren’t the Chinese Zodiac sign of wealth and fortune for nothing!

The Pig Through the Elements

A grey pig symbol
Metal Pig
1971, 2031

The Metal Pig of the Chinese Zodiac is the most dominating of all Pigs and the most likely to take up arms if they feel they are being wronged in some way. This Pig is also highly sociable, but can be very naïve. Unable to see the dark side of humanity, they will be shocked and incredulous once coming up against it and their reactions can be extreme.

The Metal Pig never gives up, no matter how difficult things become. They will push on till the end, regardless of what obstacles stand in their way. Their resilient attitude to everything in life, plus their open, honest and frank self-expression, make them good friends and companions.

A blue pig symbol
Water Pig
1923, 1983

The Water Pig is very good at reading between the lives and digging underneath the surface. More perceptive than other Pigs, they are the ones least likely to be taken for a ride. They are also a little more subtle in their expression and so can make successful diplomats if they put their mind to it.

The Water Pig loves a good party and always sees the best in everyone and everything. They look for the good in others and find it hard to believe that people can be capable of cruel or evil acts. This Pig can be most prone to indulging in the more negative aspects of their character – indulgences in lavish spending or alcohol, for example – if they encounter the dark side of life and would benefit from the help of friends and family to help them recover in a healthier way.

A brown pig symbol
Wood Pig
1935, 1995

The most charitable of all the Chinese Zodiac Pigs, the Wood Pig is the one most likely to go into charity or activism of some sort. This Pig will work tirelessly for a good cause and inspire others to join it through their sheer good will and clemency. They tend to get along with everybody and will rarely have rifts with others. The Wood Pig can see things through a filtered lens and though they know evil is out there, they cannot comprehend the intrinsicality of it.

As this sign is open to everyone and everything, they can attract dubious individuals who will not hesitate to take advantage of the Pig. Because of this, the Wood Pig can have their name dragged through the mud if things turn sour. They would benefit from sharp, strong friends who can protect them from their own naivety.

A orange pig symbol
Fire Pig
1947, 2007

The Fire Pig is a brave Pig and inclined towards courageous acts of all sorts. This is a bold character, willing to go where no one has dared go before. They may have a tendency to leap before they look, but the intentions of Chinese Zodiac Pigs are noble and pure-hearted, motivated only by a desire to do good.

When this Pig becomes negative, they can be bullying and intimidating. If they become this way, they will usually be plagued with guilt afterwards. Of all the Pigs, this is the one most likely to engage in soul-searching.

A green pig symbol
Earth Pig
1959, 2019

The most peaceful and patient of all Chinese Zodiac Pigs, the Earth Pig desires a pleasant, happy life surrounded by loved ones and a pleasant atmosphere. This Pig has phenomenal endurance; no matter how tough life is, they will always strive towards the finishing line. The Earth Pig also has a tendency to carry the burdens of others, never allowing people to sink beneath the weight of their own problems.

The Earth Pig is a kind soul and dislikes conflict or disruption in their peaceful life. They are suited to an individual very similar to them. Of all the Pigs, this is the one most inclined to create and maintain harmony and a sense of inner peace.

Famous People Born in the Year of the Pig

  • Ronald Reagan
  • Ewan Mcgregor
  • Sir Elton John
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Julie Andrews
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • Alfred Hitchcock
  • Carl Jung
  • Wynona Ryder
  • Farrah Fawcett
  • Simon Cowell

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