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The gemini zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The gemini zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT gemini

As one of the most social and talkative of all the signs, you can imagine how important communication is to a Gemini at work! As this active Air sign loves people and movement, A Gemini just won’t be happy in a job behind a desk unless offered the freedom to move and mingle frequently, as getting bored is real issue that can make you miserable! Mental stimulation alone won’t cut it as you need to move and use your hands with it. Gemini related careers are anything to do with writing, speaking, or teaching. Detail oriented work will bring you satisfaction, along with planning and organizing, however, the most satisfaction comes from the hands on work like pottery or even energy healing!

Gemini to Gemini


This is a work compatibility that can be considered fun to say the least. While you can get a lot done and have fun doing it, don't be surprised by the volatile nature from day to day as 2 Gemini's really are like 4 people and sometimes this can cause a ruckus in the work room.


In your duality, sometimes this relationship will work, sometimes it won't, and is all dependent on the situation and demands that you boss puts on you. While this can be a love-hate relationship, your intellectual sparring will have your boss's attention, and bring him to come to depend on you if you prove yourself properly.