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The leo zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The leo zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.


As a natural seeker of attention and the spotlight, a career that satisfies your needs is very important. You need to be sure that your earning power and ideas of where your career is going is matched with recognition and appreciation for all you do, as this holds the keys to your confidence and ability to advance. Anywhere that you can flex your theatrical muscles or be seen in the eye of the public are ideal, and Leo related jobs are where you can find the most emotional support to what you need in your life to feel satisfied. Look to exploring acting, athletics, any leadership role, comedian, marketer, politician, public personality, teacher, or theatrics of any kind.

Leo to Leo


There is a rare connection with complete goodness of heart and unselfish motives when you get two Leo's working cohesively together towards a common goal. Entertainment value is huge, and while can be considered highly amusing, you may have to tone down your companionship if in a more professional environment.


As both you and your boss crave the same accolades and admiration, this come sometimes create a competition of sorts between you and your Leo boss. Be sure that you remember your ethics and morality and always take the high road, as it were, considering that karma will pay off and you can be sure your boss will notice your best traits and reward it ultimately.