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The pisces zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The pisces zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT pisces

You’re such a dreamer, Pisces, and have such lofty goals that you would love to accomplish, but most the time it seems like things happens against your goals too frequently, and your dreams get pushed by the wayside. While you have this incredibly healthy appetite to dream, there is a bit of a lacking in the follow through and sometimes, even fear can hold you back. It’s best to look inward, spiritually, and find your niche in a career that can satisfy your emotions, heart, and soul. This is a great way to find success and satisfaction, Pisces, and also, you can’t discount any jobs that could have you in water like the fish your sign represents! Feet can actually hold some energy for Pisces too, and you may even find your place in podiatry.

Pisces to Pisces


How spiritual of a compatibility is it when you can enjoy the company of another Piscean in the work place! You can almost imagine the music playing in your workspace, as you deal in your daily tasks with creativity and big ideas that can be thrown out and pitched to someone that is happy to make it happen.


Deadlines aren't considered either you or your boss's strong suit, and taking the initiative in getting something done in advance can hold major points for you! Be sure to brainstorm and share ideas frequently, and clarify if you need assistance in your tasks to be sure you know what is expected of you.