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The sagittarius zodiac sign symbol on a starry background. Career compatibility symbol. The sagittarius zodiac sign symbol on a starry background.

ABOUT sagittarius

While one of the most happy and friendly signs, you seem to do best in a profession that you are mostly on your own. Even though you love people, you get caught up easily in your ideas and can get completely consumed until you feel your concepts and objectives are flushed out. It’s easy to talk above other people’s heads as you are constantly looking towards growth and expansion in your career, and your ideas are just as great! Sagittarian energy supports several career, such as anything to do with travel, teaching, writing, speaking, or even dealing with foreign cultures and people. You can even find yourself drawn to lawyer, diplomat, lecturer, professor, tutor, guide, explorer, advertiser, and editor.

Sagittarius to Sagittarius


Both Fire signs here find themselves at home with each other of the same sign, and enjoying their insightful natures of thinking. Your Sagittarian co-worker is the perfect bouncing board for ideas and thoughts as this is something you both excel in. Together you may have a bit of a time staying on task, but when focused can come up with fabulous ideas to come back to later.


Sagittarian's are notoriously independent, and while you may have a great idea for your boss, sometimes this just isn't something that is welcome depending on timing. Don't get your feelings hurt, and just remember to come back when timing is better, as it's very hard for Sagittarian's to stay on task together in a work environment.