The aquarius zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The aquarius zodiac sign in black.

When Aquarius and Aquarius combine in the game of love compatibility, there is a lot of harmony to spread all around. This is a match with two zodiac signs that bring very similar perspectives and energies to the table. There is a lot of chemistry between Aquarius and Aquarius, and a foundation that starts with a great friendship. As a dual Air Sign match, they also have the same energy levels, and will appreciate this in each other. Where this match may experience trouble is the lack of emotional overtures, but if both of the Aquarians in this match are committed, they will make up for that in spades with their combined rational approaches to making love work.

aquarius and aquarius Compatibility - The Pros

The good thing about the Aquarius and Aquarius match is that they both think the same, and they both approach love the same way. Both of the partners in this match are Fixed Signs, and as a result they are both committed to making love work. Even if they break up, years later they may find each other because that's the nature of fixed signs. So if this couple falls in love, this relationship will experience a lot of loyalty and devotion that could stand any relationship test. Both Aquarius and Aquarius are big thinkers that function with humanity to make the world a better place. So they will both really enjoy doing this with, and for each other. There are going to be a lot of intellectual conversations between these two as well, and this is going to be deeply attractive to both parties in this match. As a dual Air Sign match, we also have a lot of energy in play here. Aquarius is elegant, and charming, and the little social butterfly. So this couple will have a lot of fun nights out together, and could even be the talk of the town!

aquarius and aquarius Compatibility - The Cons

The Aquarius energy is one that is a Fixed Sign energy and this poses some problems when we multiply that energy times two in love. Fixed Signs are great thinkers and definitely devoted to making love work, but the Aquarius Fixed Sign is one with a will that is almost unbreakable. Here we have two people that some consider to be the most stubborn sign, so putting these energies together can lead to a butting of heads. Both want to control love in their own respective ways, and as fiercely loyal as they are, they are also fiercely jealous. At the same time, the double Air Sign match is one that has a more rational approach than an emotional one. The party in this union that needs emotion on occasion may find themselves carrying the short stick.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for the Aquarius and Aquarius match to work, they will need to find a little bit of flexibility. And this means that both parties in this match need to work on this trait. Both Aquarius and Aquarius can also stand to show each other a little emotion and gratitude on occasion. There will be some times when the stubborn wills come into play, but if both remember the foundation that they started this union on, they will have no problem meeting each other halfway. Appreciation and love are what will make this match work, and emotions are something Aquarius struggles with. With the shared goal of successful love however, these Fixed Signs will be able to fix their emotions and their shared intellect on each other for as long as they want.

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