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In the Aquarius and Pisces match we have a lot of love compatibility to pass around. Although at first glance the Aquarius and Pisces match may have too many differences to count, both of the signs have a lot to offer each other. Here we have the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius joining forces with the dreamy Mutable Waters of Pisces. Both of the zodiac signs in this match have a greater vision of humanity, and as such, are able to appreciate kindness and unconditional love in each other. Their paces are different, and so too will their approaches be in love. But with harmony as the focus, this is a match that will be able to overcome almost anything.

aquarius and pisces Compatibility - The Pros

The Aquarius and Pisces match is a quirky one indeed, as both zodiac signs are very different in their approaches. Here we have the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius paired with the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces. Both have a grander vision of the world and are inspired by random acts of kindness and unconditional love. Pisces approach is a bit slower than Aquarius, but Aquarius is deeply attracted to the Pisces kind touch.  At the same time, Aquarius is committed to the unconventional side of life, which Pisces will enjoy when they introduce all of their fantastic fantasies. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and enjoys exploring a deeper and spiritual side to life. Aquarius is fascinated by this, and will join Pisces on many of these explorations. This is a match that will be slow to start, but will begin with an exciting friendship that will lead to an even more exciting love.

aquarius and pisces Compatibility - The Cons

There are some different qualities coming to play in this union that could pose some problems for Aquarius and Pisces. In this match we have Aquarius who is very fixed on the person that they love, with an undying loyalty and devotion. Pisces appreciates that, but as a Mutable Sign, Pisces is a bit of a wanderer. The strong will of Aquarius as well is not one that Pisces will favor, as Pisces doesn't like to be pushed or coerced into anything. At the same time, overly dramatic emotional displays that Pisces is known for, will not fly with the rational Aquarius. This will confuse Pisces, who will want more emotion out of Aquarius and will have a hard time getting it. The pace here between the two is also very different. Aquarius is always moving and shaking, while Pisces is often retreating to the cave.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

Can the match between Aquarius and Pisces work? It can if both parties are willing to put in the effort. Pisces needs emotional grounding in order to feel worthy in love, and Aquarius will need to balance their rational side and their less than emotional side for Pisces. Pisces on the other hand needs to curb back the emotional manipulation on occasion, and cater to Aquarius thinking side when troubles arise. At the same time, this pair needs to compromise on energy levels. When Aquarius wants to go out for the night, Pisces should join in on the fun, or at least this pair should take turns choosing events. At the same time, Pisces will need to show Aquarius devotion and loyalty if they want this match to last.

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