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An Aries and Scorpio match is always a beautiful one to watch unfold. On first sight this pair is the type that will be wondering how they ever managed life apart. Aries the Cardinal Fire loves power, and Scorpio the Fixed Water loves it too. But where Aries is the initiator of power, Scorpio is the receiver, so this is a very balanced and passionate match indeed. Aries also has all of the passion that a Cardinal Fire Sign should, and Scorpio the sexual water sign is a very compatible mate. Both of these signs will never be short of loving, so long as they give each other the room that they need to grow.

aries and scorpio Compatibility - The Pros

With an Aries and Scorpio match, we have cardinal fire and fixed water, which when combined will create a lot of steam. Neither mate in this pair will ever complain about their sex life! This is an extraordinary combination of both emotional groundings and physical energy. Scorpio will love how Aries teaches them to let go a little of the things they are so fixated upon, and Aries will truly explore the intuitive side of Scorpio that gives them all of the tips and secrets they need to pursue their extraordinary success.

aries and scorpio Compatibility - The Cons

There is something to be said about too much of a good thing, and both of these signs has a temper that can flare up and fizzle a love flame fast. Although the best part of this match is that they are very passionate with each other, this is also the worst thing about this combination when the fights arise. And they will. Aries needs independence and will be easily smothered by Scorpio's fixation and obsessions. Scorpio needs loyalty and will confuse Aries need for freedom with a desire to stray. Both of these mates also are very jealous, and this will create problems if they don't first create a firm foundation with each other. A true commitment to understanding these differences will prevent Scorpio's manipulative and vindictive nature from coming out, and will also curb Aries temper.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

This is a challenge oriented couple, because Scorpio is ruled by Pluto which represents power, and Aries is ruled by Mars which represents war. So this couple can always be fighting if they allow that energy in, but they also both want to win, and this will help them in those fights if they both remember that. The one personality trait that both of these signs possess that will work very well for them is loyalty, and when both of them draw from this trait in their explosive moments, they will find this trait can carry them both for the long haul. Both of these signs need to win, all of the time, and the combined forces of their power and warrior natures will be a force to be reckoned with for as long as they are willing to experience. Aries as the energy leader and Scorpio as the emotional leader makes this a combination that can stand the test of time, so long as water doesn't squash the fire out, and fire doesn't try to steamroll the water.

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