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A Cancer and Sagittarius love match is one that many astrologers will say is not the best on paper. We however look at love compatibility from a universal perspective, and believe the best about every love match. This one does not come without problems, but when both Cancer and Sagittarius are willing to put in the effort to embrace their differences, they will find each other happy for some time to come. Cardinal Water Sign Cancer is the emotional center here. While Sagittarius is the energetic Mutable Fire Sign. This relationship will always be in flux, and both are going to need to be okay with that in order to make this one stick.

cancer and sagittarius Compatibility - The Pros

In this match we have two very different personalities. Cancer is the Cardinal Water Sign who loves to lead, be the boss, and create the domestic center in life. Sagittarius as the Mutable Fire, is always moving from one project, vacation, or adventure to another, and gives Cancer the new experiences that Cancer has always thought impossible. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and so this match is one that is grounded well in a free flowing vessel of emotions. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which is lucky and optimistic, and almost always in a good mood. This is a feminine energy (Moon) being paired with a masculine one (Jupiter) and this creates a lovely balance in the love compatibility of this pairing. Overall both parties have the same goals, just different methods of approaching them which can be overcome with a little bit of effort.

cancer and sagittarius Compatibility - The Cons

The two distinct personalities we see with Cancer and Sagittarius have to do with lifestyle and what they find important. Both want long term love and that is the foundation they must build on. Cancer prefers long nights in however, and Sagittarius is one that prefers just the opposite. Sagittarius has a need for freedom as well, and this could upset Cancer who wants their Sagittarius all to themselves. Conversations could seem like they are occurring on two different planets on occasion, and this could get heated with sparks flying. Cancer employs emotional manipulation when they aren't getting what they want, and for Sagittarius that will only mean running in the opposite direction. On the other hand, Sagittarius has a tendency to run and give up a little too easily, something that will authentically wound Cancer in the long term.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

As different as these two signs are, a Cardinal Sign always bodes well with a Mutable Sign, so Cancer and Sagittarius have some hope. Mutable signs like Sagittarius have a tendency to go with the flow very easily. As such, when problems arise, and they will, if anyone concedes it will be Sagittarius. Sagittarius may need to be okay with doing this regularly, and if they are, this match has a chance. On the other hand, Cancer needs to learn that they can't be the boss all the time, and should consider handing the reins over to Sagittarius on occasion. As well, honesty will work better for Cancer in heated conversation, moreso than emotional manipulation. Overall however, if both can embrace these differences, and each other, their approaches will strengthen this bond for years to come.

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