The capricorn zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The cancer zodiac sign in black.

With the Capricorn and Cancer match we have love compatibility that angels sing about. Here we have two Cardinal Signs coming together in a love match that is ripe with leadership.This is the Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn pairing with the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer. So there is a lot of leadership coming together in this match, in addition to two very compatible signs nurturing each other, Earth and Water. Of course we know that too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the broth, and this is one potential worry about the Capricorn and Cancer match. When both stay committed to their shared goals of a long term and fulfilled love, this is a match the angels will continue to sing about.

capricorn and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

The positive things to say about the Capricorn and Cancer match are numerous. Here we have two very compatible personalities combining. Water nurtures the Earth and keeps it prosperous and abundant, and this is exactly what Cancer has to offer Capricorn. Earth on the other hand uses water to fuel growth into the world, and this is exactly what Capricorn offers Cancer. Both are slow moving signs that take their time into commitment, but once they make that decision, it is a match that will last generations. Capricorn loves the way Cancer works in the homefront, making it the most abundant and happy family life possible. Cancer on the other hand is attracted to Capricorn's work ethic, and their ability to provide for the family. There is an instant chemistry that happens with this couple as well, that starts this relationship off on a solid friendship. This is a couple that will be loyal to each other to the end.

capricorn and cancer Compatibility - The Cons

The issues that could come up between a Capricorn and Cancer match rest in the fact that they are both leadership signs. When we have two Cardinal Signs coming together, we have two people that both want to be the boss. Not every person can be the boss all the time, so there may be some butting of heads in this relationship. At the same time, Cancer has some emotional tendencies to put on the drama when they don't get their way, and Capricorn just doesn't see the point in that, and could become frustrated by it. As well, Cancer as the domestic center will be spending a lot of time at home. With Capricorn being such a work horse, that means, a lot of time at home alone. Will Cancer be okay with that? Not if their needs are not being met when Capricorn does arrive home well after the dinner hour.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

There are more commonalities than differences in the Capricorn and Cancer match. They both want the same things at the end of the day, and because this starts off as a beautiful friendship, they also have a devotion and adoration for each other that is almost unbreakable. This is a match where both Capricorn and Cancer are committed to making it work no matter what, and it would have to be something pretty big, such as infidelity, to put a crack in this one. What both parties will have to do to ensure that however, is to give to each other daily any small token that shows this utter devotion.

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