The gemini zodiac sign in black.
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A Gemini and Aries match is a match that combines Air and Fire which makes it a very dynamic combination. This is a connection on both an intellectual as well as a physical level. Both signs love to be optimistic in even the most challenging times, they also both love a lot of activity all of the time. When wind/Air meets Fire you know that sparks can fly, so expect to see movement, passion, and a deep and honored understanding between the two in this pair. Where Aries is independent, Gemini is flexible, but problems can arise if Gemini is feeling a little too controlled, or if Aries takes issue with Gemini's wandering spirit. If the two are able to overcome these matters, the Air and Fire match will certainly create a lot of heat, and sparks for some time to come!

gemini and aries Compatibility - The Pros

There is a lot of energy in this Air and Fire sign match. Not only do both of these zodiac signs share their energy levels, they also share many goals. Gemini as an Air Sign is a thinker, while Aries as a Cardinal Fire Sign is a doer. So when you put thinking and action together, the winds will sail with passion and productivity. Aries being ruled by Mars and Gemini being ruled by Mercury puts communication from Mercury and a warrior spirit from Mars together in this match. If they focus on their commonalities, and not on their differences, this match can go very far, and even into a long and successful marriage.

gemini and aries Compatibility - The Cons

As a Mutable sign, Gemini has a bit of a tendency to be wishy washy at times. And Cardinal Signs like Aries also like to control, which Gemini has a real problem with. The things that will bother Gemini the most about Aries, is this need to control, and this need to appear rigid in many areas. Aries on the other hand will lose patience with Gemini's always flitting from one project, or love affair, to another. Also both of these signs are very skilled at starting things, but their abilities to finish things productively are not as proficient as their initiation skills. As such, a lot of unfinished projects or conversations could be the markers of this relationship, if they aren't able to overcome them together.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

In order for this match to work, both signs need to appreciate the other's differences. There is a lot of passion in this fire and air sign combination, enough to make it a compatible match for many years to come. In order for their long term desires and goals to be realized, Aries will need to learn that Gemini needs a little bit of independence and freedom, and less control. Gemini on the other hand needs to remember that honesty is the best policy with Aries, and flitting from one story to the next when things get heated is going to backfire on Gemini. Quickly! Overall however, when both of these zodiac signs remember their common goals and common energy levels, as opposed to their differences, this Air and Fire combination can create sparks that will be the envy of all. A very compatible match indeed!

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