The gemini zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The gemini zodiac sign in black.

A Gemini and Gemini combination will always be one extreme or the other. Here we have two Mutable Air Signs and this ranks very high on the love compatibility meter. The one thing to note about this match however, is that this is the match denoted by the Twins. So we have two sets of twins coming together, and as you can imagine, it's an intriguing love match indeed. There is never a dull moment with this pair!

gemini and gemini Compatibility - The Pros

The Pros with this love compatibility pairing is that the Twins are a lot alike. As Mutable Air Signs they both have very favorable attributes in common, and this bodes well for the long term perspective. Gemini is smart, quick witted, loves chatty anything, and the text messages between these two will be rich and frequent. This is a couple that will always have something to talk about together, and they will really love it. Gemini gets bored easily, so having a partner that is up for the next adventure will be very appealing to both parties in this love match. Both understand each other's need for freedom as well, and they will both have someone who is always very easy to talk to. Two Mutable Air Signs getting together breathes a lot of wind and life into this relationship. It will be very excited and excitable, and the couple will never be short on passion for another, and always be wanting to try the next great thing, together!

gemini and gemini Compatibility - The Cons

This is something you just can't sugar coat. Gemini is often referred to as the Jekyll & Hyde for a reason. So with this love match, when it's good it is very very good, but when it is bad... whoa. Watch out! The sarcasm and biting wit can turn mean on a dime without the Gemini even realizing it. And Gemini can cut it like a sword but they really can't take the blow and will harbor a grudge for a very long time. Being Mutable works to their advantage, but this relationship at the long term level has the potential to build a path of resentment over time. As well, loyalty is not often the word that is used to describe Gemini. Being Mutable means they often flit from one flower to the next, even when they shouldn't. There are committed Geminis of course, but this is a zodiac sign that has a low threshold for resisting temptation.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

A dual Mutable Air match with Gemini has a lot of promise and a lot to offer. The couple needs to work on their strengths with each other, and not use them against each other. Words and harsh words will fly frequently between these two, unless they learn together how to grow around the need for criticism. If this pair can establish a pattern of communicating with love first on a regular basis, it will be a very exciting match indeed. Another wonderful thing about the Mutable Signs is they don't stay fixed on a grudge for too long. They fall easily into the forgive and forget crowd, so long as you say you are sorry when you need to. Two Geminis together pose a very strong reading on the love compatibility, and they have a great shot for the long haul together. The best way for Gemini to accomplish this is to focus on their gifts of intelligence and communication and always using them with kindness. When that happens, this is a magical love match that will stand the test of generations to come.

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