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The leo zodiac sign in black.

There are always sparks when you combine wind and fire, so the Mutable Air Gemini matched with Leo, the Fixed Fire, is an exciting and passionate connection. In this relationship there is a lot of play, high energy, and spirits are often high. Gemini is always looking for something new and fun to do, and so is Leo as well! The drama and creativity that comes from Leo will be enjoyed by Gemini. And Leo will love how Gemini keeps them on their toes intellectually. And the passion? Fire and air creates a lot of heat, so expect the Gemini and Leo match to be a passionate one indeed!

gemini and leo Compatibility - The Pros

In this match we have the quick witted intellect paired with the dominant and brave lion. So to say the Gemini and Leo match has energy is an understatement of epic proportions. Gemini will love Leo's fixed and rooted nature, and also how they are always on the hunt for a new adventure. Leo as well will appreciate how Gemini likes to think, and also how they like to be a chatty cathy. There will always be something to talk about with these two. Leo doesn't like to be left wondering about anything at all, and will have this need met by Gemini who has no problem talking the night away. Gemini also needs to be up and about as much as possible, and will love that Leo doesn't have a problem with spur of the moment adventures. Both of these signs are as passionate as they are chatty, and so the heat in this relationship is going to keep both of them happy for a very long time.

gemini and leo Compatibility - The Cons

There is going to be a lot of heated debate in this relationship, and if anyone is bruised over it, it will be Leo first. A Gemini and Leo match is overall a very compatible one. So long as both parties are careful with their quick wit, and their quick tempers. Bruised egos are not generally something that Gemini is too concerned over, so this may become a problem in this love pairing. Gemini also doesn't have a lot of tolerance for a stubborn nature, and the Fixed Sign in Leo embodies this trait, and there's just plain nothing that can be done about it for Gemini. Leo can not be swayed which means the flexible Gemini will be doing a lot of bending. This could get old for Gemini. On the other hand, Gemini may be quick to the biting comments when this gets old and that is going to lead to one angry lion.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

When you mix the Mutable Air Sign of Gemini with the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo, you are always bound to have a lot of energy and excitement. They both need constant stimulation and energy, and they both have it to give which makes the Gemini and Leo match a very good one on the love compatibility meter. To make this match work for the long haul though, both Gemini and Leo need to make some concessions with and for each other. Gemini will need to curb the sarcastic enthusiasm once in a while, though Leo will enjoy a good natured banter on occasion. The criticism cuts both ways and Leo will need to curb back on that as well. If both parties can accomplish this, the sparks on this wind and fire combination will fly for decades to come.

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