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On paper this is another love compatibility match that has a tough road ahead, according to many astrologers. What we can tell you however about the Gemini and Scorpio match is, there is some excellent long term potential here! Here we have the Mutable Air of Gemini with the Fixed Water of Scorpio, and this means there will be a lot of differences in this relationship. Finding and focusing on the common grounds this couple shares, as well as loving each other through those differences will be key to the success of this match. If they can swing it, they will be the couple that is envied in the crowd.

gemini and scorpio Compatibility - The Pros

The pros in the love compatibility between Gemini and Scorpio is that they both want the same things. They just often have a different way of going about it. Scorpio is passionate and exciting and always ready to try something new in the bedroom, and this is something that Gemini will love, every night of the week! Scorpios emotional center will ground Gemini and bring a new perspective to the relationship table. Gemini's love for chatting about anything and everything will also give Scorpio the security they need in love. Communication is important to Scorpio, and equally as important to Gemini, and that will be a strong point in this relationship that will help them last the test of time. Commitments are possible in this relationship, so long as both of the zodiac signs are able to identify the differences between them, and love each other through them anyway. This is easy for both zodiac signs to do, which bodes well for their long term success.

gemini and scorpio Compatibility - The Cons

Arguments are going to take front and center in this love compatibility, and both Gemini and Scorpio will need to realize that this is just part of what they signed up for. If both parties are not careful, these arguments will eventually lead to their demise. Gemini loves a good banter, and can sometimes get a little too carried away with that. Scorpio is also very needy and jealous emotionally. Gemini will have a lot of difficulty understanding this, because Gemini really appreciates their freedom. But Gemini will need to accept this if they want the union to last. At the same time, Gemini can err on the controlling side, which Scorpio will not have patience for. A lot of long talks seeking forgiveness are likely in this match, coming from both zodiac signs.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Gemini and Scorpio match is not the best in terms of love compatibility for some astrologers, but that is only if you take into account these qualities. Both of these signs bring some very unique gifts to the table when it comes to love, and although they present them rather differently, there is a lot of love between them that will help them overcome these differences. One thing about Scorpio is that their loyalty is almost unmatched. And as a mutable sign, Gemini forgives even sooner than the words "I'm Sorry" are out of Scorpio's mouth. So as heated as this match can be, love and forgiveness will keep it going for as long as they want it to. And neither of these signs is short on those gifts, which bodes well for long term success.

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