The leo zodiac sign in black.
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The pisces zodiac sign in black.

A love match between Leo and Pisces is a very fun one indeed, with many common areas where there are opportunities for exciting love compatibility. Here we have the Fixed Fire Sign of Leo matching with the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces. What this means is we have a match that is dedicated to the long term, and infused with creativity, passion, fantasy, and excitement. This is a high energy match that is always doing and trying something different. There are of course some areas of differences that could cause some wrinkles. This match will only need to remember their shared goals in order for this match to be an exciting one for some time to come.

leo and pisces Compatibility - The Pros

With the Leo and Pisces match, we have two very different personalities that are more than happy to please each other to no end. With the Fixed Fire Sign Leo, we have someone who is inspired, creative, and passionate, and always on the go! Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign that is always overflowing with emotion, and thus will be able to meet Leo's energy level in love. Leo loves a good audience as well, and is in great need for attention and flattery. Pisces finds this very appealing, and is more than happy to give Leo all of the attention they need. Leo and Pisces are also both very passionate and sexual in romance as well. Leo will be very intrigued by the fantasy world that Pisces enjoys, and shares. Pisces as well will adore how Leo flirts with them and makes them feel special in the process. Pisces will also be very grateful for how excited Leo is to turn Pisces fantasy world... into reality!

leo and pisces Compatibility - The Cons

In the Leo and Pisces match we have two people that are very different, but share a lot of common goals. It is however where these differences are that we may see some wrinkles in love. Leo is energetic and fast moving and always on the go. Pisces on the other hand is known for retreating to the cave, more often than they do not. Leo is the fixed sign as well and this makes them decidedly stubborn. Pisces can't tolerate strong willed people, if they aren't being given enough room to breathe themselves. Pisces on the other hand is a mutable sign, and this means that they could have a wandering eye if they feel like their Leo isn't given them enough, or the right kind of attention. Leo will not like the way Pisces uses emotions to get them to do what they want. In these cases, the Water Sign Pisces can put out the Fire Sign Leo if both parties are not careful.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

There is a lot of opportunity for this match to work, when water and fire get together they often create a steamy experience. This is not a match that will ever complain about sexual chemistry, and both parties should focus on that if the going ever gets tough. And it will! The flirting will need to be kept at bay by both parties, if they want to stay in a committed relationship with each other. Pisces will need to keep the emotional manipulation at bay if they want to keep their Leo. At the same time, Leo needs to not be so critical of Pisces over the slightest thing. Overall however this is an exciting and steamy connection with potential to go the long haul, of both parties are willing to put in the work to embrace both differences and common goals.

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