The leo zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The scorpio zodiac sign in black.

On paper it will appear as though Leo and Scorpio do not agree about anything. But when it comes to love compatibility, this is a highly compatible match because they have a lot of common ground if they are willing to take the time to explore it. Both are Fixed Signs, and thus deeply loyal and committed to each other. They are also both very intense in their own unique ways, and this creates an intensity in sexual chemistry that bodes very well for this union. Scorpio will need to pull back the jealousy, and Leo will need to pull back on the outside flirting. If they can accomplish this, there is nothing stopping this exciting and dynamic union!

leo and scorpio Compatibility - The Pros

Here we have he Fixed Fire Sign of Leo matching with the Fixed Water Sign of Scorpio. As such we have two Fixed energies in play here, and both energies are very creative and intuitive. These are two areas of common ground that both Leo and Scorpio can and should take advantage of when it comes to romance. Leo is ruled by the Sun and loves to glow with energy and optimism no matter where they go. Scorpio is very attracted to that. As well, Leo needs constant flattery, and isn't afraid to give it as well. This is also something that Scorpio is very attracted to. What Leo finds sexy in Scorpio is their mysterious side, and Leo is always trying to figure out Scorpios secrets. Scorpio knows this, and plays with Leo a little bit this way, in a way that leads to some exciting sexual chemistry. Both fire and water signs are very intuitive, but in their own unique ways. This deeper intuition works well for the Leo and Scorpio match, as they will have a tendency to naturally understand what the other needs, and meet those needs as quickly as they arise.

leo and scorpio Compatibility - The Cons

When you have two fixed signs pairing up in love compatibility, you get two very stubborn people in a love match. For Leo and Scorpio, in many ways this is what will keep them together. But it is also what will create some rifts. Leo likes to flirt, and most of the time it is harmless. But Scorpio has a very big problem with that. Scorpio has a tendency to be jealous and obsessive, and walks away from anything that doesn't provide unabiding loyalty. Leo also needs constant flattery, and as much as this can work in love, Scorpio will tire of it if they are not getting their fair share. Leo will need to learn, and accept, that with Scorpio it is all or nothing. And Leo doesn't always want to show their cards too soon, something Scorpio is just going to have to deal with.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

As we are dealing with two fixed sign energies, both Leo and Scorpio are going to need to learn how to give and take in this relationship. It will be impossible to erase the stubborn side off of either one of these zodiac signs, so both Leo and Scorpio need to learn how to compromise. Scorpio sees budging as a sign of weakness, but would rather budge than lose the one they love. If Leo can, gently, show this to Scorpio, they will likely find they are on the same side after all. Ultimately though, underneath any power struggles is an intense sexual chemistry founded in deep intuition and loyalty. When both Leo and Scorpio remember this, and embrace those traits, this is a love match that will be the envy of all in their crowd. For years to come!

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