The libra zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The cancer zodiac sign in black.

There are many astrologers that will say the Libra and Cancer match has more stacks against it than for it in love compatibility, but we always say every pancake has two sides. Granted, the Libra and Cancer love compatibility pancake has two very different sides, both of these zodiac signs share the common goal of a loving, and harmonious happy family. This will serve as a blessed basis for this relationship, and both will need to stay committed to their common goals without letting egos get in the way. But if Libra and Cancer can swing it, it will be a match made in heaven for many generations to come.

libra and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

In the Libra and Cancer match we have two very strong personalities coming into play. This of course is a double edged sword in some ways, but it's also the biggest blessing in play as well. Here we have the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra paired with the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer. That is two very strong energies coming in, and energies that are founded in love, beauty, harmony, and a happy family. Both zodiac signs want exactly the same things! Libra as the leader of the Air Signs wants a happy and balanced home life, and one that is ruled by beauty and love as Libra is ruled by Venus. These are very sexy traits to emotional Cancer who wants all of the same things. Cancer leads with the heart which is exactly what Libra who leads with the head really loves about Cancer. Cancer also really appreciates Libra's balanced and rational approach to, well everything. It is a case of opposites attract, but one with puzzle pieces that fit together well when both Libra and Cancer are willing to make the effort.

libra and cancer Compatibility - The Cons

Libra and Cancer are two very different personalities. Libra leads with the head and Cancer leads with the heart. They are also both very strong willed players. So when challenges arise, and they will with so many differences, they will almost always feel like World War II. Both are Cardinal signs which makes them leaders, sometimes controlling, and they both want to be in charge and the boss all the time. Obviously this can't work all of the time, and this is where problems will come into play with Libra and Cancer. Libra will not understand why Cancer needs to take things so personally all of the time, and Cancer will not understand why Libra needs to be so rational and seemingly unemotive when they are talking about something serious. This battle of head versus heart will lead to many hurt feelings if problems are the only things Libra and Cancer focus on.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

The Libra and Cancer love compatibility match is one with many differences on paper as many astrologers will say. But we will tell you that there are just as many commonalities this pair shares that gives this relationship some potential for the long term haul. As different as Libra and Cancer are, this is a match that will likely end in marriage because they both want exactly the same things. Libra loves a well provided for family, and Cancer will go to their grave giving just the very thing. Cancer on the other hand needs someone grounded, and a little more rational and less emotional in life. That's Libra to the tee and so as heated as their differences get, they also complement each other very well. The key to making this work then will be for both Libra and Cancer to bend their will on occasion, by taking turns and skillful compromise, and this match will likely continue on to a very big happy family."

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