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The cancer zodiac sign in black.

A Pisces and Cancer pairing for love compatibility is a beautiful thing. Here we have the Mutable Water Sign of Pisces joining forces with the Cardinal Water Sign of Cancer, making for an emotionally rich and devoted connection. This is a romance that will have all of the bells and whistles of your favorite romance novel, but like any good novel, will certainly have its ups and downs. When you have this much water swirling in one relationship, the waters are bound to get turbulent. Pisces and Cancer certainly have what it takes to hang on for the ride, if that's what they both want in the end.

pisces and cancer Compatibility - The Pros

There are a lot of good things about the Pisces and Cancer connection. In this love match we have Pisces who is as flexible as the day is long, and is as romantic to boot. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and fantasizes and dreams about love all of the time, and of course Cancer is going to find this appealing. Cancer also really appreciates the deep spiritual nature of Pisces and is always wanting more. Cancer on the other hand provides the stability and security in love that Pisces is looking for. Cancer as the Cardinal Sign is a leader, a provider, and a great domestic center for the family. This is exactly what Pisces needs to feel safe and secure. Both Pisces and Cancer are also very emotionally open with each other, and not afraid to discuss feelings and have awkward conversations because they both just want to feel better in the end. In this match intimacy is also about love, which makes the intimate moments all the more adored and anticipated.

pisces and cancer Compatibility - The Cons

When you combine two Water Signs in the way you do with Pisces and Cancer, you have two emotional centers at the opposite ends of the spectrum. So you have to know that when the waters run rough, it is going to be a rough sail that day. For Pisces and Cancer however this is their thing, but they will need to ensure they navigate it in a way that ensures success for both. Cardinal Cancer has a way of needing their own way, all of the time. For freedom loving Pisces this is going to pose a real problem, as Pisces doesn't like to be tied down. When Cancer doesn't get their own way, the crab comes out, and Pisces is so easily wounded this could cause wounds that are difficult to heal. At the same time, in a committed relationship Pisces sometimes forgets that they are in a committed relationship. Naturally Cancer will take issue with this, if Pisces doesn't follow their heart with their current partner at hand.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

With this many emotions all in one place, you have to know it's going to be an interesting ride in love for Pisces and Cancer. But the beauty of it is that when it is good, it will be just as intense as when it is.. not so great. Both Cancer and Pisces will need to respect each other's boundaries when it comes to the emotional manipulation. Both are famous for it and it should not take long for either one to realize that in this match, it will only backfire. Cancer needs to give Pisces the freedom they need to explore their inner depths when they are not together. Pisces on the other hand needs to respect the domestic center Cancer has created in this union. At the end of the day, an abundance of romance welling in the foundation of this love will also help to sustain this match for as long as both signs are willing to work at it.

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