The sagittarius zodiac sign in black.
A red heart compatibility symbol.
The sagittarius zodiac sign in black.

When a Sagittarius and Sagittarius combine, it will be love at first sight for many that start this love compatibility journey. Here we have two Mutable Fire Signs joining forces to create their own set of sparks. Sagittarius is one that is a truth seeker, and one that uses mutable fire energy to spread their magic all throughout the world to find those truths. So both Sagittarius and Sagittarius will really love this about each other. The common ground here, along with the sexy and passionate dual fire sign energy will give both heat and longevity to this relationship for as long as Sagittarius and Sagittarius want.

sagittarius and sagittarius Compatibility - The Pros

Sagittarius is a truth seeker and a lover of knowledge. How Sagittarius goes about getting their knowledge is through traveling the world, and trying new things. So the Sagittarius and Sagittarius couple are going to have a lot of time enjoying discovering this side of their other partner. They will join new clubs together, take many road trips together, and take many exotic vacations together as well. Both of the zodiac signs in this match are also ruled by Jupiter, so there is a bit of a lucky streak times two running the course of this relationship. And of course this can't ever be a bad thing! As Mutable Signs, both Sagittarius in this relationship are also going to be very flexible and very forgiving. When problems do arise, this couple will never think twice about just plopping down, talking it out, and letting it go. They are too busy being excited about their next big adventure to let petty things like grudges distract them from the world at large.

sagittarius and sagittarius Compatibility - The Cons

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter which rules the Universe. So when it comes to social butterflies, Sagittarius is your go to in your social group. When you get two of these together in a relationship it can cause some problems. For starters Sagittarius has no filter when it comes to social conversation, and will be the first in your group to say something inappropriate. It will be seen as downright offensive to some, but that's the truth seeking nature of Sagittarius. Most will never apologize for it either, and even wonder why you are mad at them. So you can see how this would be a problem when Sagittarius and Sagittarius combine. The truth really will set this pair free, but do they want to be is the question. Sagittarius will be the one in the zodiac that is the toughest to commit, but once they do, they may still flirt but will be loyal to the core. Both Sagittarius will learn this quickly, and will need to make an action plan to decide what to do when that time comes.

How to Maximize Your Zodiac Compatibility

With a Sagittarius and Sagittarius match you have a passionate and inspired connection between two truth seekers. And neither one of them likes to hold onto a grudge. This part of their personalities will bode well when it comes to problems, because they will both be able to talk it out, and quickly, and make it a thing of the past. Each Sagittarius will need to exercise their gifts of flexibility with the other on occasion, because their Sagittarius is bound to embarrass them more than once. Forgiving and forgetting and embracing the beautiful blessings characterized by this relationship will be what keeps these dual fire sparks making fireworks for years to come.

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